Introducing Stylelife Girl: Kristina

This month, we turn to Kristina, an actress living in Southern California, but with ties to Georgia. Stylelife dispatched our resident jokester The Sneak to talk with Kristina. Stylelife: What is the creepiest thing that a guy has every done when he was hitting on you? Kristina: Oh god. I was trying to leave the venue, and this guy blocked … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Mary

This month, we turn to Mary, an artist and photographer who has traveled widely and was educated in Ireland. Stylelife dispatched our man Evolve to learn about what gets Mary’s attention, what causes her to put a man in friend zone, and how polished diction and vocal control can be incredibly sexy attributes. Stylelife: What is it about the person … Read More

Skillful Seduction: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… Part I I recently asked some of my girlfriends about their views on men who are eager to learn the kind of stuff Stylelife teaches. I asked that they be honest on their opinion and thoughts about guys who beef up their knowledge of women before heading out on the town approaching women. What do women think of … Read More

Romantic Connection Blackouts

  Most of the guys we talk to tell us that they’re not looking for one-night stands or hookup buddies. You’ve been there, you’ve done that and you’re over it. What you’re really looking for is a woman that you can make a connection with. However, just wanting isn’t enough to make it happen. In fact, the same men who … Read More

The Science of Love

Now we come to the conclusion of our four-part series. We’ve taught you about the science of attraction, the science of seduction and the science of love. All very different things underpinning the various stages of dating. Now it’s time to talk about what the ultimate goal of your dating life — the science of love. Getting a woman to … Read More

4 Reasons to Delete Your Dating App

Technology is Great, But an Ineffective Way to Meet Women Emma writes… In general, I think dating apps are an impersonal, pointless waste of time. I was recently at a concert with a friend. I looked over to see if she was enjoying the show, and she was on Tinder scrolling through a list of guys so quickly I couldn’t … Read More

5 Date Ideas without Leaving the House

To keep your relationship fresh, it’s important that you and your wife or long-term girlfriend spend romantic time together. This seems easy when you first meet. But as work, children, and budget constraints come into play, life can seem like it’s getting in the way. Often, it feels more and more difficult to actually date the person you are dating. … Read More

Smooth Talking: 3 Lessons for Speaking Seductively

“All great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.” – Marya Mannes If you’ve ever wanted to be the guy who could turn up the seduction knob in your nightly conversations, then you’re going to have to do exactly what you’re about to read. Next time you’re out at nightclub, take a look at … Read More

Build Trust with Appreciation Over Envy

We’ve been discussing ways of increasing the trust between you and your partner. Catch up on the conversation by learning how to choose respect over disrespect and togetherness over separateness. Today, we’ll look at appreciation over envy. If you and the woman you care about develop a pattern of living a life of appreciation, you will be much happier together. … Read More

How to Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Emma writes… Being swept off your feet: We can’t stop thinking about him, bringing up his name in conversation or replaying his sweet words over and over again. Every story and every topic brought to conversation relates back to the guy we can’t stop thinking about. We can’t get the guy out of our head – thinking about him in … Read More