The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists

By Neil Strauss

“The single guy’s bible.”The Daily Express

THE GAME: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists (September 2005, HarperCollins Publishers)

The Game Book Synopsis: Since its publication, The Game has become perhaps the most famous, controversial, and feared dating book in recent memory. New York Times and Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss reveals the bizarre world of the pick-up artists (PUAs). In the process, Strauss — once a self-described average frustrated chump (AFC) — finds not only the dating success that has eluded him his whole life, but also an alter ego known as Style, the king of the PUAs and leader of the underground seduction community. All seems perfect; at least until he meets his match, a valkyrie-like rock guitarist name Lisa.

The Game Book

  • Over 2,500,000 copies sold worldwide
  • New York Times Best Seller for 4 months
  • #1 on
  • The #2 most stolen book at Barnes Noble, behind only the Bible
  • In the Top 500 for five years straight
  • Published in over 40 countries and translated into over 30 languages—an international #1 best seller
  • Single-handedly created the pickup industry: generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year.

Praise for the book The Game by Neil Strauss

“The single guy’s bible.” — The Daily Express

“Strauss is a superstar… a stunningly explicit book.” — The Times (London)

“Probably the most important self-help book you’ll ever read.” — Sunday Sport

“The first time the alphabet of male seduction has been painstakingly translated and written down.” — The Observer

“A George Plimpton for the 21st Century.” — Maxim

“The funniest book I have read all year.” — Tony Parsons

“Strauss is either a sex god or the anti-Christ, depending on your perspective.” — The Daily Express

“To call it a book would be an understatement. I prefer to think of it as the Bible.” — The Sunday Mercury

“This is one hugely entertaining book. I loved every page. And I will never let Neil Strauss within fifty feet of my wife.” — Esquire

“Neil Strauss has it all figured out. When it comes to the mating dance, Strauss knows how to lead.” — Chicago Sun-Times

“Compulsive reading.” — The Times

“It lays out the art and science of seduction, the often bitter feuds among different schools of thought and the startling news that successful mackin’ can be learned.” — Associated Press

“An engaging and hilarious read…empowering.” — Pop Matters

“The books everyone’s talking about.” — GQ

“Entertaining.” — Newsweek

“Touching and witty, four stars.” — Time Out (New York)

“A fascinating window into a world that Strauss has brought up from the underground. It’s impossible to put down.” — Calgary Herald

The Game – Neil Strauss