The Most Overlooked Step in Texting

We constantly get questions about sending text messages to potential dates. “I just met this girl before class the other day,” a person recently wrote. “As soon as class started, we had to be quiet and couldn’t keep talking. But I did get her number. What kind of text can I send to make a good impression?” This guy’s question … Read More

No Risk of Flaking: Setting Up The Date

A lot of guys can get phone numbers, but numbers aren’t dates. So unless that number sticks and you end up meeting in person again – the digits are meaningless. What’s going to separate you from those guys is this one unique way of setting up a date, while simultaneously conveying your identity.  It’s a technique called seeding.   Seeding works … Read More

Text Game Tips

It doesn’t matter if you met her out at a bar or on Tinder: You wish you were better at texting. And why wouldn’t you? It’s 2016 and while texting technology isn’t exactly in its infancy anymore, you have a fraction of the experience with this that you do with talking to girls in the flesh. You can improve your … Read More