Stylelife Girl: Stephanie

In this installment of the series, The Sneak talked to Stephanie, a model and artist from Southern California. Far from your stereotypical fake and superficial Hollywood party girl, Stephanie was impressively candid about a number of topics that really humanize the idea of meeting, connecting, and dating a woman. And once The Sneak discovered she had a longterm love of … Read More

Stylelife Bootcamp: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… Part II A female observer or participant has never been inside the social sanctum of a Stylelife Bootcamp. But I’ve been working with the team for a while now, and they extended the invitation for me to tag along. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. A Woman’s Experiences at Stylelife Pickup Bootcamp When I … Read More

Your Invitation: Style's Seduction Master Class

At Stylelife, we all love to read, obviously. Our founder, international bestseller Neil Strauss, has authored a number of books that became pop culture phenomenons. And individually, all the staff are voracious readers. But even still, we recognize there is a limit to what you can achieve by reading a book or reading through materials posted on a website. We … Read More

The Most Comprehensive List of Sticking Points: Is Your Dating Problem on Here?

The Stylelife coaching team recently worked with our student body to conduct a thorough examination of the sticking points that hold people back in the field. If you’re new to the area of social artistry, a “sticking point” is a hurdle or obstacle, that you just can’t seem to move beyond. Everyone has one, even the best pickup artists in … Read More

2 Valentine's Day Seduction Tips and a Bootcamp Sale

Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. Though every day is a great day to practice your seduction skills, Valentine’s Day is a particularly great one. So great, that we decided to do a bootcamp in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day weekend. If you haven’t attended one, I suggest you do, because they’re fantastic. We’re also having a Valentine’s day … Read More

Why Humor Isn't Necessarily What Women Want

Every interview with women says the same thing. “What do you want in a man?” the reporter asks. “A sense of humor,” the woman replies. It’s simply become the default answer in our culture. According to a 2013 research that was published on ABC News, 58% of women rated “a sense of humor/makes me laugh” as a must have … Read More

Decipher Her Dress Code

How Her Outfit Reveals Her Secret Desires Women’s clothing choices are calculated for maximum impact. A woman will spend anywhere between one and three hours getting ready for a date, most of that time is spent trying on the contents of her closet. Just like you carefully plan your outfit for a job interview to win over an employer, a … Read More

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Self-Improvement Journey

The enjoyment of what you do is an indispensable requisite for new qualities to become natural. Most of the times you’ve seen a good music show, it isn’t good just because of the quality of the music itself, but also because the artist’s performance and attitude reveal that they are enjoying what they’re doing. This extends that enjoyment to the … Read More

What to Do After the Stylelife Challenge Ends

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, people all over the world celebrated “International Stylelife Date Day.” This exciting day was the successful culmination of the Stylelife Challenge 2014 “Get a Date in 14 Days” effort. Experienced veterans of the social arts and newbies alike participated in the Challenge, an intensive, two-week learning process with missions, videos, and on-the-phone coaching, all provided … Read More

Six Steps to Sex: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… So you have been on several dates with a pretty special lady. You successfully conquered a mid-date first kiss and ended the date with your second kiss. You regularly hold hands and have noticed that she finds ways to brush her arm, leg, or hand against you every chance that she gets. The more time you spend with … Read More