What to Do After the Stylelife Challenge Ends

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, people all over the world celebrated “International Stylelife Date Day.” This exciting day was the successful culmination of the Stylelife Challenge 2014 “Get a Date in 14 Days” effort. Experienced veterans of the social arts and newbies alike participated in the Challenge, an intensive, two-week learning process with missions, videos, and on-the-phone coaching, all provided free of charge.

Anyone who enacted a change in their life can be considered a “winner.” But to truly recognize one person who went above and beyond in his efforts and transformation, the Stylelife team selected a forum user with the handle of John_Rico as the grand prize winner. Stylelife will fly John_Rico to study with Style and the coaches in-person to maximize his life change.

Now that the Challenge is complete, many students are determined to continue their efforts at overhauling their social life. To this end, Style and the team launched a new pilot program that contains absolutely everything that a person could need to effectively, efficiently learn to build a successful social life.

After the Challenge: Special Pilot Class

Here is how longtime Stylelife coach Evolve describes the program:

“The challenge was never meant to be up forever. It’s meant to be a time for everyone who wants a chance to improve to jump on board and push themselves like never before. In addition, The Sneak and I have a pretty rigorous bootcamp schedule and responsibilities on the Stylelife Elite Forum to attend to so we can’t be on the public forum forever.

In addition, there are plenty of ways to keep learning. I highly suggest the infield program. I personally think its one of the best programs for learning this material that exists, because it comes with a bootcamp and a conference and monthly coaching calls. As a teacher I get to be there with you.”

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