3 Ways to Enjoy Your Self-Improvement Journey

The enjoyment of what you do is an indispensable requisite for new qualities to become natural. Most of the times you’ve seen a good music show, it isn’t good just because of the quality of the music itself, but also because the artist’s performance and attitude reveal that they are enjoying what they’re doing. This extends that enjoyment to the audience. In these cases you can tell that, more than a job, they are involved in a passion and an art.

When we see an artist or a sportsman performing their craft with excellence and grace, they make what is difficult seem simple. The ease or naturalness with which they do their thing is due to the methodical practice of their abilities. The practice comes because of discipline. And the discipline is kept because, at the core of everything, they enjoy what they do.

One of the reasons why people stop doing many of the things they began so enthusiastically is because they feel there’s no longer any fun. They drop classes, quit going to the gym, give up on a relationship, or any other thing once the enjoyment element stops.

Many people that begin using tools to generate attraction become so dazzled by the power and possibilities that they want to run before they can walk, and walk before they can crawl. They set goals that are too high or too complex, instead of simply getting comfortable and enjoying every small step of this life adventure. It’s like feeling it necessary to run a whole marathon without stumbling, when you need to acclimatize your body first to the physical demands of an athlete. After running a couple of miles and falling to the ground gasping for air, there will be no fun at all.

And what is the final result? “I’ll never do this again.”

It is imperative that we work hard to reach our goals, but not at the cost of burning out or stressing ourselves out in the process. This is one of the reasons why we don’t come across naturally when we do some approaches. We are not enjoying them. And since we are not enjoying them, no one else is.

What can we do to keep focused on enjoying the changes we are bringing about in our lives?

Establish Real and Attainable Goals
Anyone who wants to have a strong body will not have it in 24 hours, not even by doing 1000 consecutive crunches or bench presses. This is not a real goal. The development of anything requires a gradual and patient method. If we can’t make 100 approaches in a month, it doesn’t matter. Get real about it. We can bring the goal down to 50 approaches, or even one approach per day, and even then we would be doing more approaches than the average person who knows about these attraction tools does.

This is what the Stylelife Academy does for you: it chunks down a lot of essential work in a feasible plan that you can perform gradually. The idea is that we should feel we are having a good time with our goals, not that they have become a chore that bothers or overwhelms us.

Take One Step at a Time
There is nothing more annoying for some than thinking they need to have the entire attraction picture figured out and memorized from A to Z before doing something. The Stylelife Academy programs have been designed to cover the basics that many ignore in order to build a strong skill set from the ground up, and most importantly, from the inside to the outside.

If you have problems opening sets, then why would you break your neck trying to learn how to deal with last minute tesnsion? Trying to be in control of everything kills the fun when you are growing and learning. If your goal is a real one, start working on it from the point in which you have difficulty, not from the point that follows it.

Don’t Make Sarging the Axis of Your Life
Make use of the material you learn simply as something else within the diverse things that make your life what it is. The motto is this: you don’t sarge in order to feel good; you sarge because you feel good. There is no doubt that making successful approaches lifts your spirit and strengthens your confidence. But if you think that success and happiness in your life depend exclusively on sarging and the positive results you’d like to achieve, you will not enjoy it but rather be under the pressure of thinking “if this doesn’t work I’m going to feel just as bad as or worse than I was feeling.” From that attitude, on every approach you make the “please don’t shoot me down” message will be read. Explore what other areas in your life you can improve on and develop, to prevent all of the mental energy in your system from falling on the attention of only one specific difficulty.

This is a long journey. We never get to a point where we say “I’m done.” Every victory over a challenge only marks the beginning of the next. If that is so, we might as well begin to enjoy it right away.

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