2 Valentine's Day Seduction Tips and a Bootcamp Sale

Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend.

Though every day is a great day to practice your seduction skills, Valentine’s Day is a particularly great one. So great, that we decided to do a bootcamp in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day weekend. If you haven’t attended one, I suggest you do, because they’re fantastic. We’re also having a Valentine’s day sale on the few remaining domestic and international bootcamp spots. The sale ends on February 18th.

Here’s the list of cities The Sneak and I will be visiting:

2014 Stylelife Bootcamp Schedule & Discount

Regardless of what people say, a day all about romance can make anyone who doesn’t have an intimate relationship feel alone. This is important to understand, because it very well might come into play. I’ve found two Valentine’s Day patterns that occur when practicing on this holiday.

You will definitely run into a lady who will repeatedly mention that she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. This is a huge indicator that she feels alone, assuming she repeatedly brings it up and with little to no segue. Spend time connecting, feel free to use routines like the cube and identity storytelling to bring yourself closer. You should stray from trying to get physically close with her tonight, focus on setting up another date, rather than trying to sleep with her that night. The story you’re creating is this: even though she was rejecting the holiday and didn’t expect anything to happen, she managed, against all odds, to bump into the right guy.

You might end up at a singles event. Here you will find plenty women looking for someone special, getting drunk because they feel alone, and the above mentioned “F- this holiday” person will be there too. First, don’t hit on the drunk girls. Second, run your seductions just as we teach, making sure to open them comfortably, build value, show interest, and then close – in that order.

My suggestion for closing is to bounce to a new location as soon as possible and if you feel the timing is right, go for the kiss. The new location will make it feel like you’ve known each other longer and assist in comfort building. Go for the kiss because of the nature of the holiday and the singles event, has already seeded the possibility of a romantic adventure.

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