Decipher Her Dress Code

How Her Outfit Reveals Her Secret Desires

Women’s clothing choices are calculated for maximum impact. A woman will spend anywhere between one and three hours getting ready for a date, most of that time is spent trying on the contents of her closet. Just like you carefully plan your outfit for a job interview to win over an employer, a woman puts effort into selecting her apparel before meeting her date. You can evaluate a woman’s attitude toward you by recognizing the strategies she uses to plan her outfit prior to a date. Her mental state can be revealed by any one of six possible clothing options.

Women’s magazines advise that the best way to be more approachable by a guy is to keep fashion choices casual.

“I just wear what is comfortable to me with jeans that accent my body. It makes me feel more approachable because I appear less intimidating,” says Danielle, a recent UC Berkley graduate. For Danielle and many other women, dressing causal projects an easy going and low maintenance image designed to appeal to a like-minded guy. These women are looking for someone to be ready for fun and adventurous dates. Women who dress casually hope that men will notice them for their personality rather than as an appealing physical conquest.

“I’m not looking for a one night stand,” Danielle says. “I’m looking for him to call me back.”

It is important, however, to notice the amount of effort your date puts into her casual attire. A woman whose simple style consists of cotton T-shirts to both bars and weddings will still at very least straighten her pony-tail before she goes on a date. Even simple, laid-back, and causal fashion choices should not be poorly presented. If she arrives looking unkempt, dirty, or with an other- wise grubby appearance, you would be correct to assume that she doesn’t consider you a romantic possibility. A woman who spends no time in preparing herself will not be planning to spend much, if any of her time on you, either.

Unlike guys, women are oversaturated with un wanted sexual attention. Conservative clothing choices give women a measure of protection against potentially lewd masculine advances.

“I want a guy that will be less attracted to my clothes and body, and more attracted to my personality and values,” says Emily, a financial accounting intern in Irvine whose dating staples are nice jeans, a dressed-up top, and flat-heeled shoes. Making her feel like a physical object by obviously staring or lascivious comments is a guaranteed way to lower her opinion of you. A conservative outfit is her way of asking you to pay attention to the personality before focusing on her body. But be careful not to mistake a woman’s conservative dress or demeanor as lack of interest.

“I definitely have been passed up by guys because I’m not as flashy as my friends,” Emily says, “I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t do a lot with my hair.” Many women who are open and available to meeting guys find themselves rejected in favor of other more visually striking females.

“Instead of that making guys more attracted to me, I think it portrays the idea that I’m not trying to impress anyone because I already have a boy- friend,” Emily explains of her comfortable style.

Don’t miss a valuable opportunity just because a woman isn’t showing as much cleavage as her friends.

Sexy is as individual to a woman as her fingerprint, but most women will agree that the key is moderation. Women know that flashes of skin will catch a man’s attention, but carefully measure out how much they reveal to avoid creating a negative impression.

“To impress a date, I would wear a belted dress that hits above the knee, because it still shows off shape without giving everything away,” says Brittanie, who manages a coffee shop part of a popular chain.

Women interpret sexy as a balance between putting too much and too little skin on display. Notice outfits that flatter without showing too much such as a short skirt paired with a conservative blouse or daring cleavage with a longer hemline.

“Looking sexy is all about subtlety and confidence,” Brittanie says about creating an attractive image for a date. A woman knows exactly how much skin she’s showing on a date and the corresponding effect it has on you. A woman who has taken the time to play up her sex appeal for a date is illustrating that she wants to impress you.

Siren is when your date breaks out the heavy arsenal.

“For me, less is more, so when I want to look good I’ll either wear a low cut top or a really short skirt,” says Sahar, a student at CSU Dominguez Hills. A woman who takes care of her body and exercises wants to show off her results, Sahar, an avid gym member advises. “I’m comfortable with my body and guys notice that,” she adds. Watch for when your date takes the voltage up another notch. Showing off skin is a woman’s way of grabbing attention and em- powering herself by appearing desirable.

“I want to look wanted, then I’ll be wanted,” Sahar explains. By dressing provocatively, your date may be engaging you in a game of “look but don’t touch.” She is attempting to maintain control over the date by distracting you visually.

The L.B.D.
Perhaps the simplest outfit to recognize is a woman’s LBD—little black dress. Most women own at least one. It’s the dress that makes a woman feel her best, most confident, and most attractive. A woman falls back on her LBD when she’s having a case of nerves, anxiety, or needs the extra confidence boost only a slimming black sheath can provide. If your date shows up wearing a little back number, you can be sure that it’s a good sign. A woman wouldn’t waste her one fool-proof outfit if she wasn’t looking forward to meeting you.

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