So Easy My Mother Could Do It

So, my mother has been asking random strangers whether they floss before they brush. Like dozens of them. And so far, no one has “busted” her on it, even though this opener has been all over television, in books, and on the Internet. It’s funny because she really wants to know the answer. She’s been asking waitresses, neighbors, and even … Read More

How to Polish Your Cold Approaches and Start Comfortable Conversations

The first step in a cold approach is opening. To do that we use openers, techniques that allow us to start a comfortable conversation with a person or group. With practice they become a fantastic method for initiating an interaction, but what happens next? What do you do after you start a conversation? You try to reach the hook point. … Read More

Perfecting Your Practice: Four Mistakes Every Student Makes

Practicing without focus. Seduction is a skill. Like any skill-set there are drills and techniques that help you learn the universal principles of the art form. One of the most common bad situations guys run into to us unfocused practice. Learning any skill is a step-by-step process, you can’t learn it all in one night. Choose some material you like … Read More

Rescuing Canned Material

The Old Standbys are Successful for a Reason It’s the same old story, but I don’t want to be rude. So I let the guy continue. “I don’t wanna use canned material,” he says. Then he trots out the usual justifications. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s not his style. It won’t work because it won’t be congruent. He wants … Read More

Using Fashion to Start Conversations with Women

The bottom line with fashion is that women love it. Get them talking about fashion and you will spark a conversation that excites them and allows you the opportunity to DHV. There are countless options for using fashion, both yours and theirs, as openers. If you want women to open you for being stylish then basic dress sense is a … Read More

Root and Deliver

A Quick Way to Overhaul Your Openers Aspiring social artists are often consumed by the idea of collecting openers. People want day game openers, night game openers, club open- ers, bar openers, lounge openers, concert open- ers, and just about any other type of opener ever conceived. The truth is you don’t need a book full of openers for every … Read More

Approaching Women During Winter Weather

It’s that time again when the snow starts falling, the wind starts blowing, and the chill starts creeping in. Winter time is quickly swinging by but this doesn’t mean that your endless nights of social fun must end. In fact the winter season is a great time to go out and meet your next significant other. You will find a … Read More

Stay One Step Ahead

As soon as you approach a woman or group of people you don’t know, they think two things: 1) What does he want? 2) How long is he going to stay here? If you can satisfactorily answer both of these questions, you can avoid the sting of rejection. If not, you will hear the words that are the anathema of … Read More

Field Reports: Micro-stepping

In an email to the list (you are signed up, right?), I asked you to send in field reports on how micro-stepping had helped with Approach Anxiety. You responded, and here are some excerpts: I’d encourage you to log onto the Forums if you need help, or can offer assistance to your fellow members. —————————————————- Went out last Friday, to … Read More

Tweaking your openers

Let’s talk about openers. Some guys make the mistake of feeling like they need to compile an endless library of openers. But that’s not necessary, because with a few tweaks, you can present older material in brand new ways. Here’s a short lesson on how changing the root and the delivery can make any one opener versatile enough for any … Read More