Using Fashion to Start Conversations with Women

The bottom line with fashion is that women love it. Get them talking about fashion and you will spark a conversation that excites them and allows you the opportunity to DHV. There are countless options for using fashion, both yours and theirs, as openers.

If you want women to open you for being stylish then basic dress sense is a must. Use what you’ve learned so far in your social arts study to build yourself a stylish wardrobe. Once you have a solid wardrobe foundation, accessories will become your greatest ally for women opening you. Anyone who has ever worn a trendy tie knows women just love to approach you and grab it. If you want to spice the tie option up my personal favorite accessory is a type of necktie called the cravat. It’s a bolder necktie option, nearly non-existent since the Victorian Era. It has come into vogue on the indie, hipster fashion scene. A nicely chosen and properly tied cravat under a shirt or even a t-shirt will garner female attention.

Other fashion accessories such as necklaces, chains, dog tags, and rosaries are all suitable items to get you noticed. There have been a number of times when a girl has asked me if she could try on my rosary. Once it’s on her neck she’s locked-in, allowing me to go to work. The most important aspect to remember about accessories is to always have talking points about each one ready to go. Women take great care in selecting their accessories and often each one has its own origin story. They will assume the same of your accessories and inquire about them. Don’t miss these opportunities to toss out DHVs.

Besides passively using fashion for women to open your active option is to use what she’s wearing to open her. This can take a lot of perceptiveness and quick thinking but like anything in life if you want it enough and practice you’ll achieve mastery soon enough. Alternatively, right now you can ensure that you will always have a fashion opener by preparing some funny canned openers.

Some men prefer, when possible, to be spontaneous because the interaction seems more natural. Here’s an example of a spontaneous opener used at the gym. In this situation, the speaker had been looking to invest in a pair of headphones, there are some great designs and the sound quality is brilliant. A hot Austrian girl at the gym was wearing a beautiful pink pair so he waltzed over to her and said:

Volume: “Those are (brand name) right?”

Girl: “Yeah.”

Volume: “I’m thinking about buying a pair, they look awesome but I want to know what they sound like.”

Girl: “The quality is really good.”

Volume: “Hmm so they can handle the Spice Girls ok, what about real music?”

Girl: “Hey!” (She delivered a playful punch on the arm).

That was an easy and totally natural opener. The formula is simple: observe what a woman is wearing, and what can you gather about her personality from it and then use it to open. Is she wearing a T-shirt of a band that you love? Perhaps, you’ll both have an instant connection about music. Does she have any rings on? This is the perfect stepping stone for the Ring Finger Routine. If you’re out in a hip hop club does she dress like she belongs there? Here’s a great opportunity to toss a fashion pebble her way.

Of course, the old standby the opinion opener can also be overhauled to be a perfect fashion opener.

“I need a female opinion on something. It’s my friend’s birthday soon and I want to buy her this really nice top I’ve seen that Gucci makes (insert any specific style or brand here to demonstrate your expert knowledge of women’s fashion as a DHV). But, the problem is I don’t know her size. Do you think she would be offended if I accidently bought it a size too big?”

As you can see there are countless opportunities out there to use fashion to open and you know it’s worked when the very articles of clothing you used as opener subjects are left behind on your bedroom floor.

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