Approaching Women During Winter Weather

It’s that time again when the snow starts falling, the wind starts blowing, and the chill starts creeping in. Winter time is quickly swinging by but this doesn’t mean that your endless nights of social fun must end. In fact the winter season is a great time to go out and meet your next significant other.

You will find a wide variety of places where women are plentiful and in this article, we will share with you several of our favorite places to meet women this winter season. Winter season also means holiday shopping season as we all rush to get gifts for our friends and family. Because of this you will find a lot of women in shopping malls and stores. An easy and equally effective way to open in such settings is to get a recommendation on a gift item. You can compare two items that you have already chosen – thus conveying that you are good at choosing gifts for a female friend in addition to conveying social value.

Naturally a coffee shop or café such as Starbucks is an excellent place to meet women. Often times you will find women with a book and a hot cup of latte offering an excellent opportunity to open and engage a conversation. Further you will find an excellent opportunity to engage small talk by commenting on a specific book she’s reading or telling an interesting story that will engage an interesting conversation.

Here is a simple opener which works great at a café. Throughout pop culture and across all political spectrums, people are aware of the high profile case where a woman sued McDonalds after spilling a hot cup of coffee on her lap. It never fails to generate discussion, so it can be easily employed as an opener and get solid.

“Hey, let me get your input on this – If you were to spill this coffee on your lap – would you sue [name of café]? The reason I’m asking is because we had an interesting discussion in my law class and could not come up with a solid conclusion.” If you’re not a student, then you can simply say that you and your friends were chatting about it.

This in turn allows for you to escalate the conversation where you can playfully tease her about being clumsy and spilling her coffee all over the place. You still can use this opener and add an interesting story to it.

For example: “I was out with a few of my friends who told me a story about this guy named Bob who spilled a hot cup of coffee on his lap while having an Egg sandwich at McDonalds. It was the craziest thing – they ended up calling 911 at which point the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. It turns out that he got 2nd degree burns and later won a $2 million law suit against McDonalds…”

Take advantage of the winter season – come up with interesting openers and stories that are both fun and interesting. Tell a story about how you were almost abducted by an Eskimo or how one of your friends got stranded in Alaska and was almost eaten by a polar bear. Most importantly – have fun!

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