Root and Deliver

A Quick Way to Overhaul Your Openers

Aspiring social artists are often consumed by the idea of collecting openers. People want day game openers, night game openers, club open- ers, bar openers, lounge openers, concert open- ers, and just about any other type of opener ever conceived.

The truth is you don’t need a book full of openers for every conceivable situation. Instead, you can use this simple routine to change the root and delivery so that any opener can be versatile enough for any environment.

For the purposes of this exercise, use the most basic form of the Dental Floss Opener:

“Hey guys, I have to ask you a quick question. I have to leave soon and get back to my friends. My buddies and I were having an argument and we need to get your opinion. Do you guys floss before or after you brush?”

How to use this in different environments:

Change the Root
The root is the context in which the question is being asked. Therefore, if you alter the root you can make the question, funny or serious. For example if you want to use this opener in a coffee shop, or any low octane environment I might say:

Low Octane (more serious, realistic root)
“Hey, I have to ask you a quick question, I saw you smiling and you reminded me of something I wanted to find out. My friend is going to school to become a dentist and on one of his entry exams they asked him: Should you floss before or after you brush? Honestly, I have no idea so I’m asking you: before or after?”

High Octane (Over the top, comical root)
“Guys I have to ask you something. I can’t stay long but this question is serious, it will change all of our lives permanently when you all answer it. I’ve been having this argument with my friends for days and I need you all to be serious when I ask you this life-changing question. Do you guys floss before or after you brush?”

Change the Delivery
Delivery can change the energy and the underlying intent of an opener. Delivery can make a line low or high energy. Delivery can change whether a group believes you to be confident or weak. This is why it is important to practice one opener over and over and over again. The more you practice and use it in set the more you’ll get used to saying it. It will become part of you and you will own it.

Here two fun ways to learn how delivery works:

Exercise 1
Stand with a partner and ask just the question part of the opener back and fourth, putting emphasis on different parts of the words. Say this same line back and fourth to each other 50 times, changing the tonality, intonations, and intention behind it each time. If you are alone, try it in a mirror. Use different hand gestures; walk around if you need to, do what ever you want just have fun and play with how many different ways a line can be delivered.

Exercise 2
Choose five of your favorite ac- tors. In front of a mirror or with a friend try to deliver an opener just like your favorite ac- tor might. Note how it makes the opener seem different based on who says it. If Sean Connery asked your opinon it would feel and sound much different than if Larry David were to ask it.

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