Rescuing Canned Material

The Old Standbys are Successful for a Reason

It’s the same old story, but I don’t want to be rude. So I let the guy continue. “I don’t wanna use canned material,” he says. Then he trots out the usual justifications.

It just doesn’t feel right. It’s not his style. It won’t work because it won’t be congruent. He wants to be like a natural. I’ve heard them all a thousand times. They are excuses guys use to protect themselves from having to step outside of their comfort zones.

News flash: Everyone uses canned material.

Have you ever walked up to a girl and said, “Hi, my name is __________.” That’s a canned opener. Did you ever ask her “what is your name?” or “where are you from?” or “what do you do for a living?” Those are canned qualification questions.

Did you make them up? Were you the first person to ever use them? Of course not.

You use canned material. It’s just bad canned material. If I had a few different questions that would allow you to get to know the girl way better than the ones above wouldn’t you want them?

If you constantly run out of things to say or you lose a girl’s interest, then canned material is your answer. If you need to write your own to be sure you can deliver the material congruently and be genuinely interested in the subject manner then do so, but don’t swear canned material off because it doesn’t feel right.

What feels right to you isn’t always what works best. Observe any natural when he talks to women and notice that he repeats the same stories time and time again. I knew a natural who managed to mention his family’s vineyard in chili every time he met a new woman. This fact alone had multiple demonstration of higher value spikes and conversational threads attached.

When a natural hooks a group in a bar and then takes them to play darts, pool, foosball, or whatever else is around, he initiates them into a fun and interesting activity. This is no different than using one of Stylelife’s field proven routines such as “Shag, Marry, Kill” (from the Attraction Super Pack) or “The 5 Questions Game” (if you don’t know that one, run a quick YouTube search to see a video of Style performing it).

This sort of stuff gets people to have fun. There is nothing strange or evil about it. When a girl reads her horoscope, she is aware that any other girl with access to that same newspaper can read the same words, but she still enjoys it. She isn’t upset at the publisher, she isn’t going to “call him out” on the fact that he wrote these words to other readers. She is just going to smile and enjoy the experience. When you use Gypsy’s palm read or any other esoteric routine, you give her that same opportunity to enjoy herself. Plus it’s guaranteed to be far more interesting than “Hi, my name is __________.”

Admit to yourself that “it doesn’t feel right” isn’t a valid reason to try something. To become a great social artist you absolutely must learn into your comfort zone and utilize this stuff. An aversion to canned material will not serve your goals. Embracing these tools for all they are worth will. It is acceptable to have the desire to freestyle in the field as much as you can, but have at least one script in your back pocket for when you might get stuck.

For example, if you want to approach but go blank on what to say, then bust out your canned opener. When you have opened, but the set is stalling and you can’t think of what to do next, run your favorite DHV story. In a situation where she is attracted to you, then suddenly you start to freeze up, let your canned qualification line be your best friend.

As you amass more social experience you will be able to use less canned material in any given approach. You are likely to even get to the point where you hardly ever need to use any at all. However, for all those moments you do need the routines to keep going or to advance you to the next level of the interaction, you would be cheating yourself not to use them.

So the next time you find yourself passing up a set because you “don’t like opinion openers” immediately file that thought in the excuse category. Count down from three and open before you hit zero. A month down the line, when that quality woman you approached is now your amazing girlfriend, I promise neither of you will care what your opener was. You will be far too busy enjoying what happened next.

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  1. OUT OF THE COMMUNITY AND BACK NOW- WHAT HAPPENED TO CANNED MATERIAL? I was introduced to the community in 2003 with David D. I studied everyones model from the Game until 2009. I stopped dating and sarging in the states. Now years later as i have lost a lot of my skill set i am looking for canned material routine stacks. NOW A DAYS Everyone is into what they call “Natural Game” and is throwing away canned material and telling people not to use them without even asking them probing questions. (THESE ARE THE FOUNDING FATHERS saying this) These are old Gurus that are propounding this doctrine. You get guys teaching principles that are correct on a micro level ,however they don’t show how they fit into the macro level and actually produce result that make large the problem of not having material canned. Meaning i can show you how to talk with no routines but wont show you in a linear model where it goes or how to have default canned material just in case (if your insistent on natural game). I can understand having some conversation tactics as primary guns in situations, but why set some one up for failure by saying don’t use routines canned, who wouldn’t want a backup gun or another primary gun, so to speak? It is like the community that once used canned materials forgot that they were originally used for men who needed to improve there social skills, and giving him a PUA routine stack at least gives him something to say that can keep him talking to girls longer and longer as he practice. That often gave him the confidence to push on, learn some more routines, then get success with a more girls.
    That success might spur him on to go natural, and integrate his ‘real’ personality meaning he was on auto pilot rather than using canned routines. I can’t recall any Guru’s and guys on any forums I’ve been on (including myself) who haven’t reached a certain level without going through the canned material stage. Why would you say don’t use canned material. WTF? Then ‘wont say names here’ manual 1&2 should be at the worst %80 wise material and %20 highly speculative lets say. And its %20 ok and %80 shit. This other company ‘wont say names’ is charging 750$ to learn in a group and 1,500 to lean 1 on 1. I have heard alot of bad reports with that company throughout the years and though i respect alot of there material i don’t think i could talk myself into spending hundreds of dollars to dip my toe in the water to get a feel. I recently got a job in sales and we use scripts for everything. I have seen people with no ability in sales do well with scripts. And if it works in business it works in pick up. I am looking for a actual Ebook or class from style that has a linear structure with PLENTY of routines to use. I heard of the most interesting man in the room on youtube. I love it, but i heard the handout or workbook doesn’t come with the class unless you were there. I also can’t find a specific class that is solely focused of stack routines for every part of the linear model. I am 36 yrs old and bald as well (LOL) and style’s style of pick u is the best.

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