Perfecting Your Practice: Four Mistakes Every Student Makes

Practicing without focus. Seduction is a skill. Like any skill-set there are drills and techniques that help you learn the universal principles of the art form. One of the most common bad situations guys run into to us unfocused practice. Learning any skill is a step-by-step process, you can’t learn it all in one night. Choose some material you like and make plans to practice it, over and over again. Focus your practice nights and trust the material you’re working with. If it’s from Stylelife, it’s good material and with practice you’ll see results. Remember, anything with enough practice will feel natural, it just takes time and focus.

Believing it’s her fault. If she rejects you, then it’s you’re fault. You’re the seducer, its up to you to figure out how you failed and to work on solving whatever problem came up on your next attempt. This is why us coaches always suggest writing field reports. They help students see where they’re going wrong and often they point out patterns in the mistakes you’re making. Don’t get bent out of shape and start name calling because she rejected you, it’s your fault you failed not hers.

Taking rejection personally. Most of the time you are not being rejected, it’s a pattern that’s being rejected. That pattern is guys coming up and showing interest right away. The more a woman is hit on the more guys she has to reject, and she has to find some basis for the rejection. It’s almost always, that guys are showing interest before she’s interested in them. To solve this problem, practice your openers, with a focus on starting a comfortable conversation that does not show interest.

Being Impatient. It’s pretty simple. Speed is shit, timing is everything. Being a great seducer has nothing to do with how fast one can get a girl into bed, rather it’s about the quality of his seductions. Great seductions take exactly as long as they need to. Guys who push physically appear horny and desperate, while guys who are patient appear sexual. They have no need to rush the inevitable.

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