How to Send Text Messages that Build Attraction

These are PUA rules for texting for maximum success:

Rule 1 – Do Not Text to Avoid a Phone Conversation

Texting isn’t meant to be used as a tool to avoid phone conversations. Speaking to a women on the phone has more seduction potential than a text message (just like seeing her in person has more seduction potential than a phone call).

If you recently opened, attracted and number closed a woman your next goal is to have a Day Two (1st date) with her. The chances of setting this up with her via text message is slimmer than via phone conversation. Plus if she won’t pick-up the phone for you that means you fumbled in your game somewhere, so your number-close is just wood (PUA code for worthless).

I always attempt to call a woman before texting. If I get no answer, I send a text message instead of leaving a voice-mail. Don’t text because you’re afraid of talking to a woman, be a man and dial the number.

Rule 2 – Bring Value When Texting

Just like you should bring value into a set while sarging you should apply the same philosophy to your text message game. Low-value or no-value texts are attempts to leech value from the woman, such as: “What’s up?” or “What are you doing tonight?” or “When can I see you again?” These types of texts will get you nowhere because they make you seem needy, invoke no positive emotion in the woman and display nothing high-value about you.

When I text a woman in the early stages of seduction I imagine that she is bored at work and just waiting for something to brighten her day. I want my text to be that something.

Here are some sample texts I send to bring value to her life and to display my high-value personality:

Fun: “Let’s play a game. I text you a word and you text back the first word that pops into your mind.” (Don’t wait for a reply and text a word, make it non-sexual at first.)

Teasing: “Hey dork! I bet you are operating at a level of 100% dorkiness today.”

Rule 3 – Never Over Text!

She might be the only thing on your mind at the moment but you don’t want her to know that yet. If you come off as too needy you’ll lose her. Text once and only once until you get a reply. After a reply you can text back. If she doesn’t respond to your text, then wait at least 24 hours before re-texting her.

Allow time in between your replies when in a text conversation. Don’t give her the impression that her text message conversation is the most important thing happening for you. Remember that being non-needy and scarce is attractive. When in doubt, pace her. If she texts you back right away, you can text her back relatively quickly. But if she takes 10 minutes, then you should take equal or more time to reply.

Bonus Texting Tip – The Law of Familiarity

You can use texts to invoke the law of familiarity (if you don’t know what this is then you need to re-read Cialdini). After getting her number, immediately send a text while you’re still standing right next to her. I call this insta-texting and it creates a humorous moment between the two of you. Here’s some insta-texts for you to try:

“You have my number now but you are only allowed to call me once per day.”

“Who is that really hot guy standing next to you?” (It’s you of course, that’s the joke)

If, after insta-texting her, she saves you number and your name, take that as a definite IOI (indicator of interest). More importantly, when you call her later, your phone number will pop up and be familiar to her. This makes her more likely to answer.

-Gypsy, Stylelife Academy Coach