The 4 Levels of Pick-Up Artistry

“What divides mid-level pick-up artists from advanced level?”

Style posed this question as a thought game to me after last month’s Challenge. To answer it, he and I, outlined the  pick-up artist learning levels into 4 categories:

(Can you tell which level you’re at?)

Recently discovered pick-up. His experience is theoretical  because he hasn’t yet used a PUA routine in the real world.

-STICKING POINTS: motivation, confidence, approach anxiety, (and too many more to name)


Actively going into the field to specifically use PUA routines and tactics. He still has mostly theoretical knowledge but he’s approaching and trying routines.

STICKING POINTS: ejecting too early from sets, demonstrating higher value, hitting the hook point


He’s now sarging often (at least once a week). He’s getting number closes (and occasional kisses), he consistently hits the hook point. Women find him interesting but not always

STICKING POINTS: kino escalation, disqualifying, leading the interaction


At this level he’s sarging multiple times a week, isolating, bouncing, number closing, kiss closing, all consistently.

STICKING POINTS: last minute tension, managing relationship expectations, handling multiple girlfriends

(There are higher levels, but these 4 cover 95% of all men.)

Did you identify your level?

From the data collected during the Challenge last month the largest bottleneck where men are getting stuck is between INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED LEVEL.

It makes sense because the 3 sticking points of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (kino escalation, disqualifying, leading the interaction) are difficult to master.

Style calls them “The 3 Pillars of Escalation.” How to master these points is the focus of my posts for February and March.

Stay tuned…it’s time to level up.

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