Do Women Perceive You as a Low Value or a High Value Man?

You opened her. Now she’s staring at you and you don’t know what to say. What’s the next step to make her want you?

The answer is…

“DHV (aka demonstration of higher value): a routine in which the pick up artist displays a skill or attribute that raises his worth or appeal to a woman or group. It’s intended to make him stand out from the other, less interesting men in the club.” (The Game, pg. 440-441)

The DHV is the next step to turning what could be a casual encounter with a woman into a seductive encounter. The next words that come out of your mouth will make or break your chances with her, they better be GOOD.

Unlike men, the main female attraction switch isn’t looks. Looks don’t matter. What matters to a woman is SOCIAL VALUE. When a woman has a conversation with a man her mind is subconsciously looking to answer the following questions about a man’s SOCIAL VALUE:

1. “Is he sociable? Does he have or could he build are large network of friends?”

2. “Is he strong or smart enough to protect me?”

3. “Is he interesting? Could he make a room of people listen to what he has to say?”

4. “Do other women find him attractive?”

The answers to these questions will add up in her mental attraction calculator to determine if she is indeed attracted
to you. It’s your job to give her the RIGHT answers.

This month’s discussion will take you DEEP into how to build SOCIAL VALUE as a Pick Up Artist. We’re going to discuss different routines for building value, how to create your own DHV routines, and the attitude you need for your personality to ultimately become a DHV itself.

It’s going to be a content packed month and to kick things off right here’s a DHV you can us tonight:

The Hearts Cold Read DHV

This DHV routine comes courtesy of Stylelife Academy Coach Evolve who is now authoring the newly redesigned Please, leave Evolve a comment on Pick Up Labs and let him know how the DHV worked out for you.

Buckle in and enjoy this month’s High Value journey,

-Gypsy, Stylelife Academy Senior Coach

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  1. cool…and having a large social’circle’:) indirectly improves all above-listed points om social value.

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