Crappy Car, Awful Job, Great Seducer

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to attract romantic partners if you don’t have much money? It certainly is. Let’s examine some of the most common worries one at a time:


Every job in this world serves an important purpose. In my life, before I taught seduction, I cleaned toilets. It’s not glamorous, but if nobody had that job, there would be crap everywhere. Literally.

There are different types of women in the world, a very small percentage are highly materialistic and may require you make a certain amount of money before getting involved with you romantically.  The following two trais are much more important:

* The passion and love you have your work.

* Great stories about work experiences.

The reason I cleaned toilets is because I wanted to be a stand-up comedian and I had a deal with the comedy clubs. I did the dirty work mopping, taking out the trash, etc. They gave me 5 minutes on the mic at the end of the show.

That simple story can now lead into many others. From there, people usually asked questions about my experiences in comedy, rather than the ones cleaning toilets. I was prepared with entertaining tales about either.

If you have NO passion and NO love for your work, if you have NO great stories or experiences to share, then QUIT YOUR JOB. You are obviously doing the wrong thing in life. Find a new gig and in order to fix that off balance area before you worry about meeting women. 


Again, unless you’re dealing with an exceptionally materialistic woman, a nice car isn’t as important as you think. It’s far more about your perspective on the situation. 

If you feel ashamed and apologize about the condition of the vehicle, that will be unattractive. If you smile about it, give the car a name, and have a light-hearted attitude, then it’s just an added bit of fun. 

Personally, I have no car at all and it doesn’t really interfere with my romances. Between the public transportation systems, her vehicle, and in a real pinch an Uber cab, there are plenty of ways to get around. If she drives to pick YOU up you know you did something right and the seduction is going well. It also gives a perfect reason for her to drive back to your place at the end of the night, and perhaps, come in, “just to go to the bathroom.”


First off, why don’t you do something about it? Fixing a home up doesn’t have to be expensive. Try being creative. There are plenty of resources out there on how to “pimp your pad.” Many cost little or nothing at all. Here’s an extreme example from my life on how this could be done…

At one point I lived in a small studio apartment. It was barely furnished. The bed was the only place to sit. There was no electricity in this place. People often remarked, “You know you could never bring a woman back here right?” Well, they were wrong.

Turns out, candlelight isn’t a turnoff, it’s romantic. Shocker. With no television or even radio or anything like that, there was no option but to focus on each other. Turns out, embracing the now and being present isn’t a turnoff either.

Sure my home was unusual, but being the exception is a principle of being seductive. It certainly spoke volumes about my personality and easily led into stories about simplicity and minimalism. 


It’s all a matter of perspective. If you think something in your life sucks, it sucks. If you let someone else convince you it sucks, it sucks. If you think it’s fun and exciting, then it becomes fun and exciting. If you have stories to share that show where your passion comes from, you may even be able to shift someone else’s perspective on the situation. Moments ago did you think a studio apartment with no electricity could be cool? Do you think it can be cool now? If you can change someone else’s perspective through storytelling that is a very seductive move. 

Have fun out there. Go live life and love it!


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2 Comments on “Crappy Car, Awful Job, Great Seducer”

  1. “Before I taught seduction, I cleaned toilets” – Neil Strauss, bestselling author and Rolling Stone & New York Times journalist before writing The Game.

    A New York Times/Rolling Stone writing, Ratpack-mansion-living, sportscar-driving con man….was cleaning toilets for a living?!

    Neil Strauss is so full of shit its unreal. Then he turns round on mainstream TV years later and says ‘it was the guy getting conned – there are no techniques that can get women to have sex with you’. I mean … how much money, Neil (if that is your real name) did you scam off people who you, personally, sold pickup techniques to?

    Its really quite extraordinary how celebrities and mass media propagandists can get away with Fraud and feminazi, man-blaming portrayals in the name of so-called ‘enlightenment’ and ‘accepting monogamy’. Its honestly the most vile, cringeworthy, embarrassing, predictable, tacky, pathetic, fake, and cowardly cleache out there. The shame and embarrassment you must feel privately is so irrevocably justified. You get rich and famous off the silent victims of society, and then, knowing that they dont have a voice, you turn around and talk down to them in front of America like youve ‘changed’ and ‘moved on’ above their level, and that they are some unworthy, inferior stain on existance that should be eradicated. While you use these peoples money to live a jet-setters lifestyle, and use your TV appearances to fuel even further the misandry, the man-hatred of these male victims – your own former customers – by bullshitting about your tacky, fake improvement cleache.

  2. PS. Ive read Russel Brand’s autobiography, where he talks openly about his womanizing and development, and he doesnt mention you anywhere. In fact, he was a virgin until he got into an elite acting school and then became famous.
    But hey, maybe Im wrong and you met him while you were both cleaning toilets.

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