Building a seductive body

If you think looks don’t matter when it comes to seduction – you’re wrong.

They matter. How could they not? It would be pretty foolish of us to think that women aren’t attracted to physically attractive guys.

That said, I want to ask you this: Are you doing anything to improve your looks?

As coaches, The Sneak and I focus on the theory and field work when we teach seduction: what to say, how to stand, who to be seen talking to, etc. But that’s not all we cover. Every Sunday, at every bootcamp, we spend time explaining the importance of all the non-verbal, non-interactive attraction components. Things like: fitness, fashion, friends, and fame.

In this article I want to focus on fitness.

Physical fitness and good health are attractive. So what are you doing to improve your health and fitness?

If the answer is nothing then you’ve got some work to do. You have put time into your body, externally and internally. Working on your body is just as important as practicing openers, active disinterest, and value building routines. You should consider it part of your practice.

For those of you who are working on your body, here are a few bonuses that you can add to your seductive repertoire of value building material based on how you’re getting or staying fit:

First let’s start with what not to do: Don’t get sucked into the conversational black hole where you discuss which type of fitness is better, the dangers of what  are doing, or the specifics of a diet. Instead, focus on the how it motivates you, what you feel when you’re doing it, and the emotional and physical change you’ve seen.

If you’re into working out at a gym like 24-hour fitness or college gyms across the planet, then the story is of persistence and dedication. Build and identity stories based on these qualities.

Example: “When I was young, it was hard for me to dedicate myself to being healthy, now that I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve found ways to motivate myself, and it feels awesome.”

If you’re a martial artist the world is at your finger tips. You can focus stories around, spirituality,  honor, tradition, dedication, endurance, emotional pain, and the list goes on. For those of you who practice something spiritual you can play games like Tai chi’s push hands with a girl, which creates comfort with intimate touch in about two minutes and gives you the opportunity to delve into the spiritual realm with her.

For those of you who study something flashy like wushu, all you have to do is get caught practicing something cool, then have a story to go with it.

With martial arts there is also a conversational black hole. At some point you may meet a friend of theirs who’s also into martial arts, don’t get caught talking about who’s style is better. Rather, focus on what you love about martial arts in general,your motivations for practicing, or lessons you’ve learned.

Be the exception, tell them what you love about their style. Use it as an excuse to bond with her friends.

If you’re into taking work out classes like CrossFit, yoga, spin, or SoulCycle, then you can talk about how you love and are motivated by being in groups, learning by seeing, meeting people with similar motivations.

Example: “I love getting up every morning and going down to the yoga studio. There’s something amazing about being around a group of people all working towards physical and spiritual balance, that just makes my day. It’s the only kind of exercise that gives me that feeling.”

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