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This time, The Sneak spoke to Alicia, a bar veteran employed in a venue that features interesting employee outfits, to say the least. They discussed meeting women who work in bars, life like a Disney movie, and improving your social skills.

Stylelife: You work in a bar where you dress in a sexy French maid outfit, you must get hit on a lot while you’re dressed like that.

Alicia: Oh, you would not even be able to imagine how much.

Stylelife: What does that feel like to be hit on all the time?

Alicia: It’s nice, but a lot of the time it gets annoying. It’s just day after day of the same stupid pick up lines or the same stupid questions.

Stylelife: Give me an example of a stupid pick up line.

Alicia: Oh, I get this one a lot actually, I don’t know why but this is the one that everyone uses. Someone will say, “Oh, you dropped it!” Then I’ll look around to see what I dropped and they say, “Your smile.” I laugh, but I just walk away, I don’t want to deal with that.

Stylelife: You also mentioned hearing the same questions again and again. What are those questions?

Alicia: Where do you live? Do you have a boyfriend? Why don’t you have a boyfriend? You’re so cute, you should have a boyfriend.

Stylelife: Has anyone ever been able to be a bit more interesting and gotten your phone number while you were at work?

Alicia: Some have, yes. I have a general rule, especially working at a bar, I never give out my number on the first day. They have to come back to my bar at least three times and then I’ll consider it.

Stylelife: That’s good information. Let’s say a guy did come back three times. What’s the main difference between the guy who gets your number and the guy who could come to be the bar one thousand times and never get your number?

Alicia: Sincerity, he should actually want my number. Also, the guy shouldn’t be totally drunk when he asks. That’s a definite no. Physical attraction, that plays a big role.

Stylelife: You mentioned sincerity. I’m sure they all really want your number. What did you mean by that?

Alicia: I don’t you to just tell me that you want my number. I want you to show me that you want MY number, not just “I got another girls number.”

Stylelife: How would somebody show you that?

Alicia: Good question. I’ve yet to find out.

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Stylelife: Perhaps a guy could give you a well placed compliment based on who you are? What would be something about you, that a guy could compliment, other than your looks, that would show you?

Alicia: I would like a guy to actually listen when I talk to them and then compliment me based off of something they heard. Something like, “I love how you like different cultures, or how you appreciate anime.”

Stylelife: What kinds of things do you look for in men, other than the physical?

Alicia: You have to have common interests, but you don’t have to like everything the other person likes. The important thing isn’t that a guy likes everything I do, but that he doesn’t make fun of my interests. That’s a complete turn off to me. I’ve met a couple of guys that as soon as I told them I like Anime they say, “oh that’s so stupid,” or “isn’t that just for kids?” That’s no way to get a girl.

Stylelife: Right. Telling a girl that her interests are stupid is probably a bad idea.

Alicia: Especially if you’re trying to sleep with her.

Stylelife: Some guys need to seriously work on their romance skills. Have you ever had a first kiss that was incredibly memorable?

Alicia: Never.

Stylelife: Not once?

Alicia: I have yet to meet the guy thats makes me feel like that.

Stylelife: Ok, close your eyes and imagine in your head for a second that this happened. Describe what the kiss is like.

Alicia: It would be like a Disney movie, just magical all around.

Stylelife: Can you go into a bit more detail?

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Alicia: I imagine we would just randomly be standing there and he would do it as a surprise. He would just grab my head and I’d just look at him wondering what he was doing. He would just pull me in close. My heart would start racing. Then he would give me the biggest, hardest kiss he ever could and just make my knees go weak.

Stylelife: What does it mean to give a big, hard kiss? What kind of kiss is that?

Alicia: Like a really passionate kiss, very aggressive, I’m the only person there at that point.

Stylelife: Do you think a guy could benefit from studying the art of seduction?

Alicia: In some ways yes and in some ways no.

Stylelife: How yes and how no?

Alicia: You can only learn so much on paper, you can only learn so much from a book, you have to have actual experience too or the information would be useless.

Stylelife: Let’s say that part of the training then was to go out and gain actual experience. Do you think they could benefit then?

Alicia: They could definitely benefit. Every guy could benefit from learning a thing or two about the art of seduction. Guys now a days are not seducing anybody. I would like a guy to take the initiative and try to seduce me.

Stylelife: Do you feel for the most part it’s you who has to do the work?

Alicia: Yes, for the most part, definitely.

Stylelife: Think of the last guy that really tried. He was putting in effort. Did he succeed or did he fail?

Alicia: Oh, he failed horribly. At first he was really sweet. He comes into the bar every once in a while, he isn’t a bad guy. I thought he was sincere. Then he gets drunk and it’s a terrible mess. He starts grabbing my hand and kissing it and it get’s terribly awkward. From there it was, “nope, no way!”

Stylelife: I assume though, some guys have at some point succeeded with you. Have you ever had a one night stand?

Alicia: Yes, lots. Most of the time it would be at a party or at a friends place hanging out. I get a little drunk, wanna have some fun, you know.

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Stylelife: No judgement on my end. I think it’s totally cool. A lot of people might not want to admit that because of the societal shaming that can come along with it, but you seem pretty comfortable with it. It’s fun for you.

Alicia: Yea, I love it! There’s no reason to be ashamed of it. It’s just one night of fun for both of you. If you liked him and he liked you, of course you can hang out afterwards, hook up again if you want, or date, whatever you choose. But yea, it’s a lot of fun!

Stylelife: I find that on one night stands, it’s actually hard to have really good sex with someone because you’re not yet totally comfortable with the person. Over the course of a week with someone things could keep getting better and better. What do you find?

Alicia: Yea, that’s pretty true. Sometimes one night sex can be really bad because you don’t know what they like, they don’t know what you like, more than likely you’ve been drinking, so it’s kind of sloppy.

Stylelife: What type of sex do you enjoy most?

Alicia: Doggy style, hands down.

Stylelife: Why is that? How does it make you feel?

Alicia: Just the way that it hits perfectly for both the guy and the girl. Oh my god, I love it, and there is something so animalistic about it.

Stylelife: What kind of sex do you fantasize about?

Alicia: It might be a little weird, but kind of aggressive, a little bit of bondage, like being tied up kind of sex. Perhaps my hands tied behind my back, the dudes being aggressive, just doing whatever he wanted.

Stylelife: That’s not weird at all. It’s a common fantasy, my question is why do you think that’s so exciting?

Alicia: Because you’re not in control, you have to leave it up to the guy and that’s one big thing about having sex, just letting go of control and letting the person do what they want.

Stylelife: Ok, thanks for your insights and a fantastic interview.

Alicia: Of course, that was fun!

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  1. you talk about your fantasies how much you would like them, what would a guy have to do to make you that comfortable with him to where you could just let go

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