Stylelife Girl: Dash

Originally from the Midwest, Dash now lives in Southern California and balances an active career as an actress and model with her spiritual and meditation pursuits. Stylelife: Where did you grow up? Dash: ‪A small town in Illinois. Quincy. On the west border right on the Mississippi. ‬‬‪Mid state‬‬ area. If Illinois were a pregnant woman we’d be the belly … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Alicia

  This time, The Sneak spoke to Alicia, a bar veteran employed in a venue that features interesting employee outfits, to say the least. They discussed meeting women who work in bars, life like a Disney movie, and improving your social skills. Stylelife: You work in a bar where you dress in a sexy French maid outfit, you must get … Read More

Halloween Tips

As promised, here are some Halloween Seduction Tips from our top coaches Evolve and the Sneak: ——————————————————————————– 3 Tips to Getting the Ghoul, erm, Girl, on Halloween: ——————————————————————————– 1. Choose your costume wisely. Halloween allows you to be whatever you want for one night. If you’re just learning to be a seductive person, then you should take this opportunity to … Read More