Play the Point System for Socializing Fun

In the initial stages, after the opener, your main goal is to hold interest while building value and attraction. To do this we have a few notable techniques at our disposal disqualifiers, DHVs, playful games and challenges. Even with this knowledge it can still be confusing to memorize a
bunch of different routines and their uses.

That is why I have always cherished one routine in particular. A routine that can build value, attraction, and reappear inconspicuously again and again over the course of a conversation. In fact executing it correctly can replace most of your attraction building techniques in a pinch and prove to be the only thing you need aside from an opener and some fluff talkinʼ skills. I am talking of course
about “The Point System.”

The point system is a technique that rewards someone by taking away and giving points. These points can be arbitrary or can be turned into a goal based game. Either way the person giving out the points immediately has the upper hand and stands in judgment of the hoop-jumping recipient. The point system is easy to initiate. The easiest way to bring it into play is as a disqualifier or qualifier.

The first time during the conversation that the woman you are talking to says something you want to reward or punish you must say, “+5 or –5
points,” respectively. After verbalizing the point gain or loss you must give a reason. As an example: She gives you a negative compliment, you respond, “+5 points, I like a girl with a sense of humor.”

After the initial points are given you can subtract and add points to jokingly punish bad behavior and to reward good behavior. Using a constant give and take of points is a great way to push and pull which amps attraction. Taking away a bunch in a row is a great opportunity to tell her, “Wow I have never had anyone score this low this quick, but yet there must be something about you because I donʼt seem to be able to pull myself away from the conversation.”

Giving a bunch in a row gives you an opportunity to give her a prize (if one is set) or to give her a compliment such as, “Wow no one has ever been able to do this well, despite my better judgment there really is something special about you isnʼt there.” The point system has some pitfalls that you
should watch out for.

• Much like bar-bets donʼt let a phone number, kiss, or date be the prize of your game, make it something fun or funny like she gets to wear your hat or has to ask a bum for change.

• Donʼt relentlessly take points away without qualifying or giving some back. Taking away points is a disqualifier of sorts and thus can hurt someoneʼs feelings after their defenses are lowered. I call this the “donʼt kick emʼ when they are down” rule.

• Donʼt push the game too far you should not give or take points too often. The score should not be in the 100ʼs and should not have a real importance placed on it. It is a metaphor not a real thing.

• The final thing to watch out for is failing shit-tests about the point system. After running the point system for a while remember to use it as an inside joke, bring it back up in a text or phone message, or use it as an ace-the-whole next time you draw a blank.

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