Stylelife Girl: Dash

Originally from the Midwest, Dash now lives in Southern California and balances an active career as an actress and model with her spiritual and meditation pursuits.

Stylelife: Where did you grow up?

Dash: ‪A small town in Illinois. Quincy. On the west border right on the Mississippi. ‬‬‪Mid state‬‬ area. If Illinois were a pregnant woman we’d be the belly button. I think that’s our state motto.

Stylelife: ‪Great way of putting it. Quite an image. ‪What were you like as a kid? If I could go back and meet the 14-year-old Dash, what would she be like?‬‬

Dash: ‪I loved being outside. Very active…tomboy‬‬

Stylelife: ‪Were you popular in high school? Or, are you going to take the usual attractive woman tact and say, “Oh, no, I was awkward” and all that?

Did you feel comfortable, confident? Did you get asked out on dates? Or, did you feel like you were on the outside looking in?

Dash: ‪I had a lot of anxiety and definitely spent too much time wondering why I didn’t connect with the majority of my classmates. It wasn’t until I got into theater that I meet people that I clicked with.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪What was your first production?‬‬ What got you to try out and get on stage?

Dash: ‪My first musical was Guys and Dolls. I was one of the dancers…I’m not sure what made me audition. Glad I did though.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪Small towns present some interesting dating challenges that our guys often ask about.‬‬ Here’s a common scenario from our students:

‪”I’m from a small town. Everyone knows everything about everybody. In third grade, I puked during art class after chewing on the macaroni we were using to make necklaces. Everyone laughed at me. Now, I’m going to my school reunion and Dash is going to be there. How do I get her to think I’m cool, and not just remember me as the kid with headgear who gagged in school?”‬‬

‪What are your tips for our sheepish, embarrassed guy?‬‬Stylelife Girl 8_1

Dash: ‪Well first of all, I’d tell them to stop thinking of THEMSELVES as the guy who gagged/wore headgear etc. It’s hard for other people to see you in a new light if you’re still defining yourself by your past. We all do this. And no matter how hot a girl is she has the same worries…probably even more because she has been put on a pedestal and that’s very hard to maintain. Lord knows I consumed my fair share of glue/sniffed sharpies during arts and crafts.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪What tips or experiences do you have to share about defining yourself in a new light? I mean, you went from being anxious to being on stage to – now – being an actress and model. How did you change the way you saw yourself?‬‬

Dash: ‪It was a gradual process. Meditation is a huge part of my growth. Learning to be still and listen. Visualize who you want to be and the steps you need to take to get you there. It’s a never ending journey so don’t get to preoccupied with the final product…there isn’t one. You also have to remind yourself that your way of seeing things isn’t the only way. I always underestimated myself and still do. Surround yourself with people that support and believe in you.‬‬

Stylelife: That’s a really interesting sort of side-step… Meditation… lots of guys ask about it. But it’s kind of an overwhelming thing to a novice who doesn’t want to really devote their life to chanting and sitting zazen and lotus flowers and all the stereotypes. ‪What one meditation technique would you offer a guy who wanted to learn more?‬‬

Dash: ‪To keep it simple…Sit quietly in your room in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Focus only on your breath. Thoughts will start to consume….that’s fine, just observe them and start sorting them into keep/discard piles. Let go of the thoughts that aren’t serving you anymore. It takes time to undo the negative belief systems you’ve indulged in for years. Just keep at it and know that you get to decide what thoughts stay and which ones go.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪How important is a man’s attitude towards meditation to you? Would you date a guy who doesn’t meditate? Or, does a potential boyfriend have to share your interest in that area?‬‬

Dash: ‪Everyone has their own way of recharging their batteries.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪What is the most outlandish role that you have portrayed? The role that was the most opposite and unlike Dash?‬‬

Dash: ‪I played a british criminal in Sherlock Holmes….also currently writing a short film about a dominatrix living in LA that I plan to also star in.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪Ha ha.‬‬

Dash: ‪Whip snap‬‬.

Stylelife: ‪A little birdie, with a big fucking fro, mentioned to me that I should ask about your interest in domination.‬‬

But before we get there…

What are your tips for becoming these different characters? How do you get into being a Victorian british criminal, for example?

Dash: ‪For me, once I had the accent down and felt confident it was smooth sailing. In fact it was easier to slip into character because I was not using my Dash voice. Costume is also important. I like to adopt the physicality of a character first and then the rest comes naturally.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪So a guy could easily use his clothing selection to help enhance and reinforce his new image?‬‬

Dash: ‪Absolutely. You can tell so much about a person by how they dress. Not to put the pressure on but I can tell immediately wether or not I’d date a guy by his clothing choice alone.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪So how is the love interest in your dominatrix flick doing to dress?‬‬Stylelife Girl 8_2

Dash: ‪I haven’t decided if there will be one… right now it’s just her and her nipple clamps.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪So are you a method actress/writer? How deep are you getting into this world in order to write about it?‬‬

Dash: ‪Just scratching the surface at this point‬‬

Stylelife: ‪With 50 Shades of Grey getting so much pop culture attention, it’s a much more mainstream conversation. But still a conversation that can go horribly wrong. How do you suggest a man go about discovering is his partner like S&M or more “alternative” forms of activity?‬‬

Dash: ‪Find a partner you can express your desires with openly and honestly.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪What’s the best date you’ve ever had?‬‬

Dash: ‪I can’t pinpoint a single date that was the best. A guy took me surfing once for a first date. That was really great. I like when guys plan outings involving some sort of outdoor activity.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪How about something you would love to share with a guy?‬‬ Maybe, “I’ve always wanted to climb that mountain. It would be perfect with just the right guy?”

Dash: ‪Performing‬‬.

Stylelife: ‪Any particular song or production or drama?‬‬

Dash: ‪I think performing comedy or traveling to other countries could be a really nice way to deepen a relationship with someone.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪Guitar player Steve Vai does a cool thing… Each country, they have to learn the techniques of the local forms of music. And they compose an all original song, in the vein of traditional local music. And then they have to perform it at the show. It’s supposed to be a real bonding experience between the musicians and the fans.‬‬

Okay, converse of the question… what is the worst date you’ve ever gone on?

Dash: ‪Had a guy start talking about moving in together and where he’d put his drums….I gave him another place to put his drums.‬‬

Stylelife: What are your thoughts on men studying seduction and socializing? Let’s say you met a man out in Los Angeles and he told you that he had been a member of Stylelife?

Dash: ‪I love Jonny Cruz!‬‬

Stylelife: ‪But that assumes the person in question is as suave and sophisticated as Senior Cruz. What if he were, may we say, perhaps a bit less polished?‬‬

Dash: ‪I think I would probably be very turned off if they were overly aggressive.‬‬

Stylelife: ‪Okay, last one… the microphone is yours… the spotlight is on you….‬‬ What would you like the men of the world to know? What should they do differently? What should they do better? Not do at all? This is your change to teach the men of the planet.

Dash: ‪Be honest.‬‬

Stylelife: Okay, thanks for your thoughts, Dash.

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In this installment, our boot camp coach extraordinaire Mojofist spoke to Dash about acting, meditation, and the growing interest in sexual domination.

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