Learn — and Party — with Style and the Gang!

On August 17 and 18, 2013, Stylelife is hosting a conference dedicated helping you become an “unstoppable social artist.” Plus, as a very special event, you’ll get to attend a VIP party with Style, the gang, and some of the highest quality women in Hollywood!

This IS how you get really good with women in 2013 …

So good that the entire process will become effortless… second nature… so easy that women will flock to you in a seemingly natural way… your social life will soar and make you the envy of your friends… you won’t be just “any man” any more… this year you can finally become the best man you can be.

But true and quick mastery can’t be achieved on the keyboard. And it can’t be accomplished alone. The conference is the most efficient way to learn from the best, make new wingmen friends, and learn the skills necessary to build the social life of your dreams.

Space is extremely limited so sign up today.

Stylelife World Conference 2013

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