Heroic Mindset: Become a Hero

As coaches we hear the same tale time and time again. Maybe she was a friend of yours in school, but you secretly desired her as more than a friend. Perhaps she is a lady you once took on a date, that went well, but you never pulled the trigger. She is a woman of a thousand faces, but one part of the story is always the same…you didn’t end up romantically connecting with her in the way you’d hoped…and you want another shot!


What if I were to send you on a series of trials, and like the heroes of old, you had to overcome obstacles, and face death itself, are you still interested in the journey?

Going after a girl like that is never an easy process. If you’re looking for easy, you’ve come to the wrong article. Go shovel your money over to some charlatan claiming he has a magic hypnotic phrase for you. I’m not that guy. What I’m going to tell you requires you to dig deep and go on a real adventure.

Step 1: Disappear

You’ll need to free as much of your schedule as possible. If you have to go to work or have some other obligation that requires your presence, so be it, but keep it as minimal as you can. The people who usually see you day to day should see a lot less of you during these days ahead. Some won’t be seeing you at all. She definitely won’t. 

Step 2: Reinvent Yourself

How can you work on yourself in a more dramatic way than you’ve ever done previously? Will you eat healthier? Will you do yoga every day? Will you read more than you ever have before? Will you lift weights? Will you learn to perform dramatic monologues? Will you reinvent your personal fashion? Will you go on a spiritual journey? Will you do every one of these things and more? Only you can answer these questions. Saying yes and following through on any of them takes commitment and dedication.

Step 3: Return

Perhaps, like a hero of old, you did face a death of sorts, a death of your old self. Like Gandalf the Grey you have returned, but now you’re different. In his case his robes are white and he possessed a lot more magic. Hopefully, you too got some new clothing and harness more personal power. If you did it right, people will notice, and they will comment. She will notice too. In addition to all of your other new found personal rewards, you have earned your new shot. Go ahead and take it.

Good Luck,

The Sneak

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