Scarcity & The Social Matrix

It’s time to let go.

Self-doubt. Disbelief. These are self-imposed shackles on your mind. They inhibit your potential. You will not succeed at pretending to be a high-value person. You must truly know you are one. Getting stuck in a halfway place, trying hard to make it work, but not truly believing leads to disaster. 

You don’t value your own time. You make yourself over available to others hoping your time with them will leave you more fulfilled, but ultimately, this is you taking, not giving. Transcend this lesser way of thinking. Know your value and know the value of your time. Give your energy only to those who truly deserve it and only when you see fit.

When you’re never desperate for attention or time with others, when you leave the self-doubt of being less than behind and truly become the one that’s being sought after, you have no option but scarcity. The whole world will want your attention and you won’t be able to give it to everybody.

Be there to enrich someone’s life, but never overstay your welcome. Constantly leave them wanting more. Each experience shared with you should feel one of a kind. Each encounter is a special, one-time-only event, filled with emotion and vibrant living.

Good Fortune,

The Sneak

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