Likeability & The Social Matrix

You’re here because you sense something. What you sense you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt as long as you can remember, some people have an advantage over everyone else. You don’t know exactly why, but it’s there, some force is at play. The force is likeability. 

Being a well-liked person opens doors and opportunities within the social matrix. Let’s explore 3 ways you can become more likeable:

1. Discover commonalities. People like those who are similar to themselves. You don’t need to rely on good fortune for this, you can actively search for connections to those you meet. The commonality doesn’t have to be surface level, it could be a shared value or perspective.

2. Be more physically attractive. It’s true, you can’t control your genetics, but you still have plenty of control. over your looks. Consider the way you dress, your body language, grooming, nutrition, and daily physical activity. 

3. Give compliments. If this person already likes you, a great compliment will increase their affections. If they don’t like you, then the compliment won’t have a positive effect. Generic or subpar compliments, such as telling a very attractive person they are beautiful, won’t have a positive effect. 

As you work to become more likable, know that likeability is contagious. Think about it, if we like someone they have increased influence over us. We obviously like our friends. This means our friends have increased influence over us. 

These facts can enable you to maneuver through the Social Matrix at untold speeds by allowing you to win over entire groups of people. Each additional friends you win over in the group gives you an advantage toward winning over the next.

The effects of Likeability can combine with the effects defined in our conversation on Social Proof & The Social Matrix to develop lasting, meaningful connections with great numbers of people. As your reputation as a well-liked individual spreads in the group, each connection is made with greater ease than the last.

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The Sneak

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