Authority & The Social Matrix

I don’t know if you’re ready to see what I want to show you. When faced with it, your mind will send you in one of two directions.

You deny it. That’s that. You believe what you want to believe and life goes on as it has before. Or, you process it and dive deeper than ever into your understanding of the Social Matrix.

William Shakespeare said,

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,”

We are all characters in each other’s lives. The traits of our character are revealed to each other in various ways, but one of the first things we generally base it on is the outfit the other person is wearing. The human brain insists on categorizing things quickly, so it will assess the outfit and assign it to a group of people. 

Think about how your outfit impacts someone when you make an entrance into their life.

Uniforms make this categorizing particularly easy on the mind and tend to have a massive impact on how we treat that person. 

A prisoner uniform makes you think all sorts of things about the person wearing it. A police uniform brings up totally different feelings.

Think about someone dressed as a soldier. How do you feel about them? Now picture that same someone in the uniform of an enemy country. All we did was change his outfit, how did your feelings change?

Isn’t it amazing how much judgment and assessment happens before you know anything else about any of these people? 

The outfit has a massive impact. When someone isn’t in a literal uniform, this phenomenon is still in effect. The brain will categorize them too.

Dirty, torn clothing, category: low status. A well-fitted suit, category: high status. It’s unavoidable human thought. 

So, what will you be wearing next time you meet someone new? What character do you want to be in their mind? How will you dress for the role? Make no mistake your choice will have a massive impact on the impression you make.

What happens after that should remain congruent with your character, but the outfit is in a sense the lead into the rest of your story together. Perhaps, you want to appear in someone’s life as an authority on adventuring. Your outfit includes leather boots, belt pouches, and a hat evocative of Indiana Jones. 

Next, you must deliver on the adventure. The character isn’t a lie or an empty shell, it’s a vessel for heightened experience together. Still, it all begins with a simple image. Choose yours carefully and it acts as a gateway directly to showcasing your own personal expertise. 

Good Fortune,

The Sneak

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