The "Its On the House Technique"

How to Look like the Coolest Guy to have Ever Walked into a Restaurant.

No matter how good you are at the social arts paying the bill during a date can be trouble. Do you pay? Does she pay? This would be so much easier if the bill would just pay itself. Well the truth is, it can…kind of.

This technique requires you to secretly pay the bill. Go to the restaurant ahead of time and let them know that you’re going to be coming to the restaurant later in the night. Find out the average cost of a meal there before you go.

See if the manager will let you pay in advance for the meal. Tell him to ask the waiter to say the following when the bill comes:
“It’s on the house, compliments of the owner.”

Your response to this should be to act confused. Then, when she asks you about your relationship with him whisper to her, “I don’t really know him. I think he thinks I’m someone else. Let’s get out of here before he figures it out. This is awesome. I’ll get the tip.“
Not only does this make you look cool, it get’s you past the awkward bill moment and gives you something to talk about.

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