An Inspirational Video Challenge from The Sneak

Approximately 4,000 people around the world are changing their lives through the Stylelife Challenge 2014. The starting gun went off and the participants are launching out of the blocks towards a changed life. Longtime Stylelife coach The Sneak was once a challenger of sorts himself. He started out frustrated with his social life, made a change, put in tremendous amounts … Read More

Stylelife Conference 2013: Day Two of Feedback, Breakthroughs, and Epiphanies

Student Successes Sunday mornings at Stylelife Conferences are always some of our favorite times. Each time, we see some sleepy eyes and a few rumpled clothes because students are worn out from their late nights. It’s not unusual for some people to just stay awake and move straight from partying to the conference. Everyone eases in and then Style and … Read More

Stylelife Conference 2013: Day One in the Books

A Safe Place Like No Other In this culture, it’s rare for men to share their vulnerabilities. In the locker room, around the water cooler, and at the local bar, you’re simply not supposed to reveal anything deep or possibly painful about yourself. Even amongst friends. But certainly not to strangers. However, Stylelife conferences aren’t like any other gathering. Instead … Read More

Learn — and Party — with Style and the Gang!

On August 17 and 18, 2013, Stylelife is hosting a conference dedicated helping you become an “unstoppable social artist.” Plus, as a very special event, you’ll get to attend a VIP party with Style, the gang, and some of the highest quality women in Hollywood! This IS how you get really good with women in 2013 … So good that … Read More

How to Adventure in a New City: Part 2

The Sneak writes: How to Adventure in a New City: Part 1 covered preparation, but the real fun begins when you arrive. If you study seduction you’ll quickly learn that you SHOULD NOT ask the women you are trying to attract about their town. It is quite lame to say something along the lines of “So, what other spots are … Read More

How to Adventure in a New City: Part 1

The Sneak and I are leaving for Australia. This is our first Stylelife bootcamp in Australia, as well as our first time ever visiting the country. Here’s the system we use to have an exciting and rewarding time as we hop from city to city, even if we’ve never been there before. 1. Find a Place to Stay There’s almost … Read More

Field Reports: Micro-stepping

In an email to the list (you are signed up, right?), I asked you to send in field reports on how micro-stepping had helped with Approach Anxiety. You responded, and here are some excerpts: I’d encourage you to log onto the Forums if you need help, or can offer assistance to your fellow members. —————————————————- Went out last Friday, to … Read More