3 Tips for Busting Sticking Points

Sticking points are places in your game where you’re having trouble. It might be the opener, going for the kiss, or getting a date to stick instead of flake. Whatever yours is, you can bust it. These tips will guide your way: 1. Recognize that most of the time the answer is just more practice. A lot of guys only … Read More

The Seductive Checklist

There are a number of actions you can do to become more seductive. These tips are based on a lesson plan called “Non-Interactive Attraction Game” that The Sneak developed for our bootcamps (such as the events coming up in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others. These things make you more attractive and they happen before you even interact with a … Read More

Live in a Dump? It Doesn't Have to Hinder Your Social Life

My Job, Car, & Home All Suck: How to Be Proud, High Value, and Attract Women, Even When Times are Tough Part 3 of a 3 Installment Series A lot of people blame their lack of social success on some aspect of their life. In this series, we’ve covered all the bases. In our first installment, we looked at what … Read More

Why a POS Car is Not Stopping You from Meeting Women

My Job, Car, & Home All Suck: How to be Proud, High Value, and Attract Women, Even When Times are Tough‏ Part 2 of a 3 Installment Series In our first article, on Monday, we examined how even the most seemingly uncool, un-seductive job is not truly a hinderance when it comes to social success. In today’s installment, The Sneak … Read More

How To Attract Women When Times Are Tough

You’ve felt this way, I guarantee it. Unless you were born into a super-wealthy, old-money family, at some point or another, you felt your life hindered your chance at meeting, attracting, and getting women. “My car is a piece of shit! How am I supposed to take a girl on a date in this?” you have wondered. “I work in … Read More

Stepping Up in Class

How to Date Out of Your League Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this… People say, “There is no such thing as leagues, that’s just negative thinking, you can get any girl!” I respectfully disagree. If I could date anyone it would be, supermodel, Kate Upton. The problem is that she is out of my league, but I’m working … Read More

Why Writing is a Key to Getting Women (Strange, but True)

Field reports are one of the best tools you can use to improve at seduction. If you’re unfamiliar, field reports are journal-like entries that a student writes after each night out in the field. Generally, they’re posted on a forum, like Stylelife’s Elite Forum, or kept in private journals. Follow these few tips to maximize the benefits of writing field … Read More

Rescuing Canned Material

The Old Standbys are Successful for a Reason It’s the same old story, but I don’t want to be rude. So I let the guy continue. “I don’t wanna use canned material,” he says. Then he trots out the usual justifications. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s not his style. It won’t work because it won’t be congruent. He wants … Read More

2 Tips on Humor and Interacting with Women

Earlier this week, we looked at the cliche of women wanting a man with a sense of humor. But just because it’s been well-proven that females don’t flock to comedians, that doesn’t mean that laughter has no place in socializing. Far from it, in fact. Stylelife counts a number of trained comedians amongst our midst, so we turned to The … Read More

2 Valentine's Day Seduction Tips and a Bootcamp Sale

Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. Though every day is a great day to practice your seduction skills, Valentine’s Day is a particularly great one. So great, that we decided to do a bootcamp in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day weekend. If you haven’t attended one, I suggest you do, because they’re fantastic. We’re also having a Valentine’s day … Read More