What to Do After the Stylelife Challenge Ends

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, people all over the world celebrated “International Stylelife Date Day.” This exciting day was the successful culmination of the Stylelife Challenge 2014 “Get a Date in 14 Days” effort. Experienced veterans of the social arts and newbies alike participated in the Challenge, an intensive, two-week learning process with missions, videos, and on-the-phone coaching, all provided … Read More

An Inspirational Video Challenge from The Sneak

Approximately 4,000 people around the world are changing their lives through the Stylelife Challenge 2014. The starting gun went off and the participants are launching out of the blocks towards a changed life. Longtime Stylelife coach The Sneak was once a challenger of sorts himself. He started out frustrated with his social life, made a change, put in tremendous amounts … Read More

Thousands Challenge for a Changed Life

The Stylelife Challenge 2014 began today, Sunday, January 5, 2014. This day marks the beginning for of a new life for thousands of people around the world. More than 3,500 people declared themselves as ready for the totally free effort to get a date in 14 days. While the majority of the registrants are people who are new to the … Read More

Ready to Take the Stylelife Challenge 2014?

A Challenge from Style If you meet beautiful women every day, but then, in the last moment before you approach, you don’t feel ready yet … If you thought many, many times about becoming better with women, but then didn’t feel the kick to do anything about it. If you lost all hope of ever going to arrive there, then … Read More

Stylelife Challenge 2012 – This is how to meet more women in 2012

The Stylelife Challenge 2012 “Get a Kiss in 14 Days” starts TOMORROW! Below you’ll find the final details before we begin… This is your chance to start the year 2012 with a resolution to attract more women, because the Challenge 2012 will push you to improve your game… www.stylelife.com/challenge/2012 The Stylelife Challenge 2012 – “Get a Kiss in 14 Days” … Read More

Stylelife Challenge 2012 – Get a Kiss in 14 Days

If 2012 is the year you were thinking of attracting more women into your life, or if you have made a resolution to improve your game, or you are just up for a challenge and having fun… This free event will change your life: The Stylelife Challenge 2012: “Get a Kiss in 14 Days” Click the link below to get … Read More

Neil Strauss

The headmaster and visionary behind Stylelife is internationally bestselling author Neil Strauss. He founded the Stylelife Academy — the world’s first online academy for attraction — in 2007 out of a desire to enable men all over the planet to change their lives the way he had done. Although The Los Angeles Times heralded him as a “hero to men … Read More