Why Amateur PUAs Fail After Opening – Be a HIGH VALUE MAN

Time to get your female attraction skills LEVELED UP! After opening the next hurdle is…learning how to DEMONSTRATE HIGHER VALUE (abbreviated DHV) to get HER interested. But before you can use DHV routines you need to know when to use them. And that isn’t easy, as you might have experienced. Does this pick up conversation sound like a familiar situation? … Read More

Do Women Perceive You as a Low Value or a High Value Man?

You opened her. Now she’s staring at you and you don’t know what to say. What’s the next step to make her want you? The answer is… “DHV (aka demonstration of higher value): a routine in which the pick up artist displays a skill or attribute that raises his worth or appeal to a woman or group. It’s intended to … Read More

You Asked for It, You Got it: Stylelife Boot Camp in the Big Apple

At Stylelife, we are constantly bombarded with requests from students all over the world. “Can I take a boot camp with you guys?” they want to know. “How can I learn from Stylelife in person?” We have offered very, very few of these events in the history of the company. After our recent boot camp in Los Angeles, California, even … Read More

Two Reasons Why The Average Guy Never Gets the Girl

Average Guy vs. Pick Up Artist, is this month’s topic. If you’re an Average Guy (or don’t know if you are) listen up because… …here’s TWO REASONS the AVERAGE GUY never gets the girl: 1. THE AVERAGE GUY IS BORING When the Average guy approaches a woman he says: “Hey how are you?” and “Where are you from?” Do you … Read More

How to Send Text Messages that Build Attraction

These are PUA rules for texting for maximum success: Rule 1 – Do Not Text to Avoid a Phone Conversation Texting isn’t meant to be used as a tool to avoid phone conversations. Speaking to a women on the phone has more seduction potential than a text message (just like seeing her in person has more seduction potential than a … Read More

Welcome to the Stylelife Blog

The goal of this blog will be to bring you weekly useful PUA information that you can use everyday. From motivational articles to new DHV routine releases I want this to be your source of game-building information. Myself and my coaches are committed to providing this new resource to the Pick-Up Artist Community. The PUA Community has always been built … Read More