Perfecting Your Practice: Four Mistakes Every Student Makes

Practicing without focus. Seduction is a skill. Like any skill-set there are drills and techniques that help you learn the universal principles of the art form. One of the most common bad situations guys run into to us unfocused practice. Learning any skill is a step-by-step process, you can’t learn it all in one night. Choose some material you like … Read More

Building a seductive body

If you think looks don’t matter when it comes to seduction – you’re wrong. They matter. How could they not? It would be pretty foolish of us to think that women aren’t attracted to physically attractive guys. That said, I want to ask you this: Are you doing anything to improve your looks? As coaches, The Sneak and I focus … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Lola

This time, Stylelife sent longtime coach The Sneak to chat with Lola. They covered the effects of a six-month silence, the difference between public and bedroom behavior, and the power of a good old fashioned love letter.Stylelife: If your friends were to choose three words to describe you, what words would they choose? Lola: Girly, ambitious and quirky. Stylelife: Are … Read More

Skillful Seduction: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… Part I I recently asked some of my girlfriends about their views on men who are eager to learn the kind of stuff Stylelife teaches. I asked that they be honest on their opinion and thoughts about guys who beef up their knowledge of women before heading out on the town approaching women. What do women think of … Read More

Practice Being Your Best Most Authentic Self

Authentic self

You might not be able to be Indiana Jones, but there’s one thing you definitely can be: Your best self. There is literally no excuse for not being the most-excellent man you can be. What’s more, this allows you to be your more authentic self. Fewer things are going to give you a more fulfilling life or become more attractive … Read More

Eat Sexy

The Social Arts and Aphrodisiacs This Tokyo Tea is ‘da bomb’! Would you like to try a sip?” I offered. Mmm. Yummy!” She cooed after sharing my beverage. It was the first indicator that she was happy to cooperate with my sensual escapades, and that she trusted me to not have cooties. It was on. During our first meal together, … Read More

Change Up the Conversation with The Switch Technique

Beautiful women are subjected to the same conversations over and over again. An unimaginative discussion follows well-worn paths of social convention. Most of those pathways are based on agreeing with whatever the woman says. Here’s an example of a traditional interaction. Her: I love rock music. Him: I do to! Aren’t the Eagles of Death Metal great? In this passage, … Read More

3 Tips for Busting Sticking Points

Sticking points are places in your game where you’re having trouble. It might be the opener, going for the kiss, or getting a date to stick instead of flake. Whatever yours is, you can bust it. These tips will guide your way: 1. Recognize that most of the time the answer is just more practice. A lot of guys only … Read More

The Seductive Checklist

There are a number of actions you can do to become more seductive. These tips are based on a lesson plan called “Non-Interactive Attraction Game” that The Sneak developed for our bootcamps (such as the events coming up in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others. These things make you more attractive and they happen before you even interact with a … Read More

Date Losing Energy? Employ The Resuscitation Routine

During the course of a date, you may run out of things to say. You may feel your attention begin to wane and your mind wander. Or worse, you may notice your date going through these things. Even if you’re really interested in the woman and you’re really on your game, it can happen. You can employ the Resuscitation Routine … Read More