Be The Storyteller: Making Words Your Stock and Trade

Dear Stylelifers, I was flipping channels late one night and came across one of the most useful movies you can watch to improve your storytelling skills. And not just that, this classic old movie will help you realize that so many of the qualities you used to hide are actually the traits you should emphasize. Those traits will establish you … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Lola

This time, Stylelife sent longtime coach The Sneak to chat with Lola. They covered the effects of a six-month silence, the difference between public and bedroom behavior, and the power of a good old fashioned love letter.Stylelife: If your friends were to choose three words to describe you, what words would they choose? Lola: Girly, ambitious and quirky. Stylelife: Are … Read More

The Science of a First Kiss

Attraction is Scientifically Based and Facilitated: A Multi-Part Series Exploring the Connections Between the Lab and the Real World Understanding the science behind attracting women is great. In fact, it’s where you need to begin when it comes to meeting women. However, you want to meet more women because you’re looking for something more than just good conversation. It is … Read More

Making the Transition

How to Establish a Strong Foundation for Your Relatinship It was a beautiful moment, the highlight of a great year, when she looked at me and said “Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend.” It was also a terrifying moment. As a social artist who had been immersed in the thrill of the chase and the grip of uncertainty … Read More

5 Date Ideas without Leaving the House

To keep your relationship fresh, it’s important that you and your wife or long-term girlfriend spend romantic time together. This seems easy when you first meet. But as work, children, and budget constraints come into play, life can seem like it’s getting in the way. Often, it feels more and more difficult to actually date the person you are dating. … Read More

10 Relationship Questions for Assessing Compatibility

Have you ever been with someone who seemed ideal in the beginning of your relationship and then later—sometimes much later—you realized were definitely not meant to be together? Several years ago I was in a long-term relationship with a woman I was convinced was my soul mate. I told anyone who would listen that she was “the one.” We laughed … Read More

5 Questions for Couples to Keep the Spark Alive

Relationships Can Feel Like They’re Fading: Here’s How to Keep It Hot Here’s the bad news: love is fleeting. That is, the quantifiable chemical-induced euphoric component of early love is anyway. A groundbreaking 2010 Syracuse University study found that falling in love—the dopamine, testosterone and adrenaline, et al. dump that occurs in our brains in the early stages of a … Read More

How to Plan Spontaneity: Travel and Seductive Adventures

I particularly love traveling with my girlfriend. In my experience, it’s one of the best ways to build a romance with someone you’re dating. The key to seductive travel is to appear spontaneous, but that’s only possible if you put in some preparation. Does that seem contradictory? Preparation and spontaneity might seem like opposites. It’s not. Think about musicians… They … Read More

Scared She's Gonna Cheat? Here's How to Keep Her Interest

First off: a warning. This isn’t one of those cheesy warnings at the top of an article that’s meant to grab your attention. This one is to be taken with the utmost sincerity and importance. If the subject of this article is something you fear, then we’ve revealed one of your insecurities. It’s fine, don’t freak out on me, let’s … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Afton

  This time around, we sent The Sneak to chat with Afton, a recent college graduate with an emphasis in textile design. As her day job, she works as a street fundraiser. So while you stress over walking up to a woman and saying hello, she’s stressing about walking up to a woman, saying hello, and actually getting a credit … Read More