The Beast: Approach Anxiety

The beast known as Approach Anxiety rears it’s ugly head so often that entire techniques are devoted to try and destroy it. The most famous technique is the “Three-second rule.”  A technique where you approach a set within 3 seconds of seeing them. By rushing yourself, you don’t give yourself time to fall into the trap of overthinking. However, this … Read More

Quick Confidence Boosters for Making Approaches

There’s this trick the coaches and I have learned over the past few years of teaching bootcamps that can boost your confidence just enough to get you approaching. This trick, if done right before you walk into a set, can give you a boost of confidence that will get you talking to beautiful women. The best thing about this trick … Read More

The Game Today Video

The definition, the study, and the teaching of “the game” has changed dramatically since The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss was published in 2005. Since that time, Strauss has gone deeper. Much more personal, much more holistic, much more focused on improving your mindset and ways of thinking. At our recent Master Class, we … Read More

Avoid These 4 Mindsets to Improve Your Social Success

You know how there is that break-up cliche that says, “It’s not you, it’s me”? Most of the time, that’s nonsense. But in some instances with dating, the problem is, indeed you. If you’re not getting the social results you want, examine your mindset and attitudes to see if you’re falling into any of these 4 negative frames of references. … Read More

Stepping Up in Class

How to Date Out of Your League Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this… People say, “There is no such thing as leagues, that’s just negative thinking, you can get any girl!” I respectfully disagree. If I could date anyone it would be, supermodel, Kate Upton. The problem is that she is out of my league, but I’m working … Read More

Stylelife Girl: Afton

  This time around, we sent The Sneak to chat with Afton, a recent college graduate with an emphasis in textile design. As her day job, she works as a street fundraiser. So while you stress over walking up to a woman and saying hello, she’s stressing about walking up to a woman, saying hello, and actually getting a credit … Read More

The Most Comprehensive List of Sticking Points: Is Your Dating Problem on Here?

The Stylelife coaching team recently worked with our student body to conduct a thorough examination of the sticking points that hold people back in the field. If you’re new to the area of social artistry, a “sticking point” is a hurdle or obstacle, that you just can’t seem to move beyond. Everyone has one, even the best pickup artists in … Read More

2 Valentine's Day Seduction Tips and a Bootcamp Sale

Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. Though every day is a great day to practice your seduction skills, Valentine’s Day is a particularly great one. So great, that we decided to do a bootcamp in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day weekend. If you haven’t attended one, I suggest you do, because they’re fantastic. We’re also having a Valentine’s day … Read More

Last Minute Halloween Strategies for Socializing

As we’ve previously mentioned, Halloween is a great opportunity to combat Approach Anxiety if you’re someone who gets nervous when talking to women you don’t already know. While many bars and nightclubs had their parties and special events last weekend, the real holiday itself is the 31st. So it’s getting into crunch time if you’re planning on socializing amongst the … Read More

Genuine Interest Combats Approach Anxiety

A lot of men feel the negative emotions associated with Approach Anxiety crop up when they see a woman who catches their eye. Quite often, those negative feelings are related to the inordinate amount of pressure the man puts on the situation. You might do something similar to this: “I have to make a good impression or she’s going to … Read More