You Asked for It, You Got it: Stylelife Boot Camp in the Big Apple

At Stylelife, we are constantly bombarded with requests from students all over the world.

“Can I take a boot camp with you guys?” they want to know. “How can I learn from Stylelife in person?” We have offered very, very few of these events in the history of the company. After our recent boot camp in Los Angeles, California, even more requests poured in.

So by popular demand, Style is sending you his best… Evolve, The Sneak, and a special guest will show you how to take over a venue and leave with the girls you desire for a New York City adventure.

A 3:1 student/coach ratio ensures you will get the personal attention needed for your transformation, so only 9 spots are available. The price is low, so they will go fast, click here and reserve yours now:

Stylelife’s First Ever 3 Day Bootcamp/Seminar Experience
Friday over dinner and Saturday ALL DAY will be a comprehensive pickup and seduction seminar. The coaches download their brains into yours prepping you for the evening events…

Both nights are bootcamps. You’ll approach women in New York City’s best bars and clubs. If you need help, Evolve and The Sneak are your personal wings. If you make a mistake, they will correct it on the fly and then you’re right back in the set doing things the proper way.

Your nights end with a debrief where you break down your experiences with the coaches in order to maximize your learning and growth.

The fun continues Sunday with brunch and lessons in Day Game, followed by a Day Game bootcamp. After this intense weekend, you’ll be a superhero version of your former self.

Stylelife has never offered a 3 day bootcamp before. There is no established date when it will be offered again. Be the first to experience it, RSVP:

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  1. Been wanting to do this ever since I’ve heard of it 5 years ago. Have used put methods intermittently since and have had some success but need the opportunity to learn form the masters

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