Two Reasons Why The Average Guy Never Gets the Girl

Average Guy vs. Pick Up Artist, is this month’s topic. If you’re an Average Guy (or don’t know if you are) listen up because…

…here’s TWO REASONS the AVERAGE GUY never gets the girl:


When the Average guy approaches a woman he says:

“Hey how are you?” and “Where are you from?”

Do you think a beautiful woman spends hours getting ready before going out to hear those boring questions?

That boring stuff makes her think “How can I get away from this guy?” She starts looking to her friends for help. Have you seen that before?

She wants to hear a man say something that GRABS her interests and sparks her passions.

A Pick Up Artist grabs her attention with “OPENERS,” conversation routines that get her talking: “My friend is bisexual and she’s dating a guy, is it cheating if she kisses a woman?”

She’s never heard that from a guy! A JUICY bit of relationship drama that she wants to talk about. The Pick Up Artist gets her talking. The Average Guy has her looking to be saved.


He just met a woman and he buys her drinks, compliments her, and if she says jump, he asks “How high?”

He doesn’t know she’s testing him to see if he’s a MAN…and he just FAILED!

She doesn’t want a weak-willed monkey who comes when she calls. She wants a MAN with a backbone.

A Pick Up Artist does the opposite, actively showing a woman he’s not interested. Instead of chasing her, he makes her chase him by telling her “I’m taken.” or “You’re too young for me.” Pick Up Artists call this DISQUALIFICATION.

The Pick Up Artist makes HER win HIS affection, the Average Guy just gets used and tossed aside.

WAKE UP! Don’t be the Average Guy. It’s time to think, sound, look, and act like a Pick Up Artist.

Don’t be average be exceptional,

-Gypsy, Styleife Senior Coach

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