Style's Attraction Amplification Pack Revealed: Change the Way You Think about Being a PUA

The PUA revelation happened at the conference this weekend from a passionate speech by Style. It started with a simple question … and ended with what we call now Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack … But this is getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s start at the beginning and with the question:

“What’s the difference between the average guy and a pick up artist?”

When the average guy meets a woman he asks the same questions: “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?” The same stuff the last 10 guys had asked that day.

The problem is not only that these are boring questions and don’t EXCITE her but – and this is even worse – BAD: showing interest without showing personality!

Which means when this guy is gone (and maybe she even politely gave him her phone number to get rid of him) she’ll forget all about him. If he calls, she won’t answer nor will she call back.

The truth is that most guys are interesting. But they don’t how HOW to display their character. They don’t know how to communicate what’s interesting about them in a entertaining way.


For a number of reasons. First he’s afraid and doesn’t believe that he is interesting (even though he is). Secondly he doesn’t know what to share about himself.

And lastly he doesn’t know how to tell a story in an ENTERTAINING WAY.

The good news is: It is quite simple to learn, when you follow some basic rules and use some of the bullet-proof exercises and routines.

Example: How can you TRICK YOURSELF into believing that you are funny and interesting and then BE entertaining and attractive?

Have you ever been at a Halloween party, renaissance fair, RPG, or masquerade ball and interacted with people IN CHARACTER? Did you notice then how easy it was to share stories, be the hero, be funny and entertaining?

THE TRICK that changed EVERYTHING is that you were in character!

That gave you the social setting, the courage and the creativity to communicate with ease
and to assume an identity, authority, alpha male behavior and be attractive and entertaining!

Think about it! By assuming a character and a personality you tricked yourself into acting differently. Yet, underneath, you are still the same person.

That is exactly what great PUAs do to be able to demonstrate their value, perform their gambits and routines.

Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack shows you how to create and fine tune your PUA AVATAR.

Almost like an avatar in a video game you create your own REAL WORLD role-playing character designed specifically to communicate your value and attract the women you want. And then when you go out at night, you slip into your PUA character and become the guy full of riveting stories, and who is exciting to talk to.

Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack begins with determining what your PUA Avatar’s name will be (make it classy, think of names like Style, Mystery and Hypnotica) and helps you create what you PUA character look like, sound like, act like.  And of course what your go-to PUA routines and kiss closes are.

Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack makes it YOUR GAME and you are the MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER in it.

Since last weekend there were over 100 requests from guys who want to get their hands some of the key lessons that Style shared.

So we decided to put feverishly the ENTIRE Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack on DVD and a limited amount of PRINT 150 copies.

We will release this BRAND NEW approach to BEING a PUA on Friday at 12:00 (noon) California Time (PST) at this location:

This Style’s Attraction Amplification Pack includes everything you need to design and IMPROVE your own PUA CHARACTER of attraction and includes ground-breaking footage from last weekend’s conference.

Be aware that this is so new that right now we are still working on editing the footage and are going to press the DVD and ship next week. They will be still steaming when they reach your door step.

So if you want to be a serious PUA and look for the latest inner and outer game technology, simply BE THERE:

WHEN:    Friday, 1st of July, NOON


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