Since the challenge was “open 7 sets” I set out to just run openers, move on, and let the night unfold. Keeping the “3 second rule” in mind I opened my first set moments after entering the venue. A mixed set of 2 girls and 1 guy. I addressed the guy first, “Real quick, I have to hit the bar to grab a drink but, first you need to help settle this debate my friends and I are having. Is kissing cheating?”

I made sure my body language conveyed I wouldn’t be staying around long. The group opened easily. They all chimed in agreeing that of course, “kissing is cheating.”

“Right, obviously, but it’s actually a two part question. If a girl is making-out with other girls, is that cheating? The reason I’m asking is because my buddy’s girlfriend is doing just that and it’s driving him crazy.” Here their opinion split. The guy says it’s not cheating. The girls say if it bothers my friend in the relationship then it’s chatting. After a minute of discussion I say, “Pleasure meeting you.” And I head on my way.

I cycled through different openers throughout the night to be sure I didn’t burn out the bar. “Hey real quick, I have to get back to my friends in a second, but I need a female opinion on something. My buddy wants to get his girlfriend a cashmere sweater for her birthday. Some of her clothes are small and some are medium. If you were to get a gift, would you rather it be a little too small or a little too big?”

They say too big so she doesn’t feel fat in it. They assure me if he gets her a medium she won’t think he is calling her fat. They suggest a gift receipt. I point at them with an impressed look on my face. “Very clever! Thanks so much. Pleasure meeting you.”

Part of the FACE-OFF CHALLENGE is to use Evolve’s material, so I employed his “Astrology Opener” next – “Hey, real quick, why do you think women are so much more into astrology than men? My friend is a professional astrologer for a living and his guy friends hate when he talks about the stuff, but women love it.” They’re unable to give a good reason, but really enjoy the question. One of them asks me my sign. I don’t know too much about astrology, but it really is amazing how hard women bite at the subject matter.

Note to self: study astrology.

Note to Evolve: great opener man. Worked like a charm.

At this point I’m sure I’d been seen talking to several groups of women. I knew I had social proof and preselection on my side. Walking to another part of the bar I spot an especially cute blonde girl. Strangely, she is standing alone, perhaps waiting for someone. I decide to go with a little known opener Style taught me years ago. I’m especially sure to make my body language seem like I’m not staying long “Uh, so see that guy over there?” I point to a nerdy looking fellow. “When I walked by he said ‘I know kung fu.’ What do you think that was about? Was he trying to throw down or something.”

She laughs, says that is pretty weird, then reaches for my hair. If you’ve never seen me, I rock a pretty killer afro! I dodge out of the way borrowing a line from Mystery “Whoa there, I charge for that missy.”

“Come on! I want to touch it.”

“You’re too aggressive. You’d probably just tug on it with no sensuality.”

“No way. I’d do a good job.”

“Ok, one chance, but you’d better do it right.”

She reaches into my hair and rubs her hands through it with a big smile on her face. I reach to the back of her head, grab her hair by the roots, and pull down gently. “That’s all you get for now.” I tell her with a smile.

I had more sets to do. Surely though, I’d come back here once the mission was done. This take away would surely make her want me even more. After another run of the “Two Part Kiss Opener,” “Cashmere Sweater Opener” and “Evolve’s Astrology Opener,” I’d finished my Stylelife challenge and ready to return.

“Hey hair friend! Miss me?” She beams with delight. I’m digging this girls energy. I address her friends, who have arrived, “Hey, I’m Jay.” They’re all friendly, except one girl who seems to be in a bad mood. She’s very cold and reserved. I don’t worry about it too much, I need to focus on isolation anyway, and when she offers to buy me a drink that window opens wide.

We hit the bar. She orders 2 giant cans of PBR. “I’ve been on my feet all day and have a ridiculous adventure planned for tomorrow. Mind if sit for a while?” She agreed, I took her by the hand and lead her through the crowd. For all my sets I’d found a great little isolation spot with two chairs in the corner of the bar. I hoped she would ask about my adventure so I could seed a second date, but she didn’t take the bait. Still, the conversation was good.

We talked about a mutual fascination with cults and the overall concept of influence. She asked what I do for a living I told her about a card game I invented called Skittykitts. She was halfway between impressed and in disbelief that I’d released my own card game so she pulled out her smart phone and googled “Skittykitts” sure enough she saw the website and knew I wasn’t messing with her. I inquired, “What are you passionate about? What is it that you love to do?” She answered traveling and told me about her recent trips. I told her I was just back from London and Amsterdam. At this point, her phone rang for the first, but not the last time.

I’d made a mistake not further engaging her friends before isolating. The cold one was calling her… again and again. After ignoring the first couple of calls, she eventually answers and lets her know she is in the corner of the bar. I take this as an easy moment to exchange numbers. “The bar is closing soon, but we need to hang again for sure, take my number down and text me your full name so I can save yours.” She puts my number in her phone and then her friend arrives.

I try being friendly, but I think I’d already struck a nerve by stealing her friend away. I’ll make it a point not to make this mistake again. We all hang for five to ten minutes more and the bar announces last call. I excuse myself to return to my friends with the classic all purpose exit line “Pleasure meeting you.” We embrace and I’m off. Not long after being out of the bar my phone buzzes with a text “[her name] the best girl ever.”

We’ll see about that… 😉

-The Sneak (future winner of this PUA FACE-OFF)

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