Welcome to the Stylelife Blog

The goal of this blog will be to bring you weekly useful PUA information that you can use everyday. From motivational articles to new DHV routine releases I want this to be your source of game-building information. Myself and my coaches are committed to providing this new resource to the Pick-Up Artist Community.

The PUA Community has always been built on the altruism of men sharing their journeys to become their best-selves with each other. It is only as a community that we will grow, learn, and improve. The journey of a PUA can be an emotional one and when we question our commitment to self-improvement it is our brothers in attraction who we can trust to put us back on the right path.

Come with me on this new step in our community. Get involved. Comment on our posts and let us know what you like and don’t like. Let us know what routines work in the field best. Let us know if our words written here inspire you to self-improvement because your feedback inspires us to write more for you.

Share the posts on this site freely with your friends who you care about and want to help improve.  And from time to time email your field reports and new routines to  [email protected] and we might feature you as one of our guest-bloggers.

No PUA is an island we must all work together for our greater good. And to keep that nautical theme going remember that a rising tide raises all ships up.

Neil Strauss (aka Style), Stylelife Academy Headmaster

3 Comments on “Welcome to the Stylelife Blog”

  1. Im just beginning. Id like some input. Im attractive and in shape but I thought I could sharpen my game by buying one of Style’s books. I’m on day 4 of Rules of the game. I understand that theyre designed for those who arent me… so far. I am following the instructions and the funnest thing was getting was getting random people to give me movie ideas. …. Kick in the ass :)_Ive done alot of these things on my own. Im hopefull it will elivate my game. Once again.Ive had pretty damn good success all my lifebut I havent got any super models or celebrities. Hot strippers, yes. I just want to get to the next level. If anyone has any tips or encouragement Id love to listen.

  2. Hey, i just read “The Game” and i tried all these amazing technics but i was still wondering what do you mean about the answer “do you believe in spells and magics ?” What the word “spell” means to you and how do you do to make the conversation evolving with such a subject ? Thanks !

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