Cold Reading 101

Cold reading is a series of techniques that help you to discover details about a person’s life. The techniques are most-commonly used by psychics, fortune tellers, illusionists and mentalists. By asking the right questions and paying attention to details about the person, you can make high-probabilty guesses that lead to more and more answers.

Cold reading can be as simple as making something up about someone that they could perceive as true, for example:

•“You look around a lot. Apparently, that means you’re someone who wants to feel safe.”

•“The way you hold your glass is interesting. Supposedly, it means you’re really confident.”

•“They say that women with bangs like that are known for having a nasty dark side.”

These simple cold reads are great for generating conversation about body language, psychology and spirituality. However, a ‘complex cold read’ can really change the dynamics of a relationship.

Here are a few basic rules that will help you learn how to make your cold reads more believable and complex. These tips will help boost your cold reading skills regardless of the cold reading routine you’re using – like the Cube, Strawberry Fields, astrology, Tarot or rune stones.

Sound Bites:

Always think about the words you use. They should sound mystical and deep. They should also make the person you’re reading feel like everything is specifically about them. Here are a few common sound bites to think about saying during your cold read:

•Your personal journey…

•The way you experience…

•The feeling you get…

•Breaking the common pattern…

•Two paths to choose…

•You have this positive (or negative) energy…


•Act like everything you say is true.

•Don’t doubt what you say.

•Do say everything like you’re the authority.

False Specification:

Imply specificity by comparing this person’s traits to everyone else’s.

Say: “Though most people don’t think before they act, you almost spend too much time thinking before acting.”


Most emotions and actions have a dual nature. Combine opposite qualities into the same sentence for a powerful cold read.

Say: “I’m certain at times you can be lazy or lethargic, while at other times, when you are doing something you’re interested in, you work like a maniac.”


People agree with positive statements about themselves and disagree with negative statements about themselves. Merge the two principles.

Say: “Some people think you lack confidence when you’re really a confident person. Generally, they confuse the fact that you like to watch and learn before you speak.”

Reading Hearts: A Basic Cold Read

To set up this cold read simply grab a napkin, a pen,and a girl. Ask her to draw a heart on a piece of paper. Be sure to “root” the cold read. In other words, let them know why you know this game, for example: “I want to try out this little psychology test my friend taught me.”

Now simply cold read her based on the heart she drew. Pay attention to the size, shape and line structure.

The Basic Shapes: Uneven, Perfect and broken

Uneven: One side of the heart is larger than the other.

Meaning: Indicates some sort of imbalance in her life, you can easily associate it with right and left brain behavior, the larger side being more dominant. (Left: logic, Right: creativity)

Perfect: Both sides of the heart are even, the heart is full and round.

Meaning: Indicates a perfectionist. Talk about how she has a need for control over situations concerning their love life and professional life.

Broken or crossed: Lines don’t meet in the dip on the heart, or cross at the dip in the heart.

Meaning: Indicates someone who thinks and acts quickly. Talk about how they are impulsive in relationships and outside of them.

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