The miracle equation for dating supermodels and celebs…

I was at Style’s house on the beach recently for a party. He told me that he’s preparing some of his books for e-release on Kindle and iBooks (keep an eye out for them in April to round-out your Neil Strauss e-library).

He got to talking about his adventures in life and how interviewing celebrities is like sarging very high-value women like super models and celebrities…and really he said it involves an equation for mastering game entirely:

1. Have High Social Value

2. Have a Solid Routine Stack

3. Proper Practice

= Super Model/Celebrity Level Game


Take a moment and try a thought experiment. Imagine the perfect set of attractive women (I’m talking models who walk catwalks in fashion shows, BURNING HOT LEVEL). You open them  flawlessly. Now they’re listening to you, which is further than 99% of most men make it.

So far so good…

But where do you go next?

Why should they talk to you over any other guy. And why should they be attracted to you? These women have men buy them Ferraris and fly them to Tahiti for the weekend. Their social value is through the roof. They know that with the bat of their eyelashes they can make any man do what they want.

These are women of HIGH SOCIAL VALUE. They only want to date men of HIGH SOCIAL VALUE. The good news is that looks don’t matter. And you don’t have to be rich or famous, but you MUST exude VALUE…everything you say and do, must show these women you’re a man of HIGH SOCIAL VALUE (you can’t make one mistake.)

The short-cut to do this (besides becoming a rock-star) is to be interesting. Tell her things she’s never heard a man say who is hitting on her, impress her friends, teach her something about herself that she knows is true but never realized. Don’t just attract her…attract the entire bar.

This is where your COMPLETE ROUTINE STACK comes in…


A “routine stack”, is the scripted pieces of your game you say and perform when you want to attract a woman. If you’re meeting women and not using a routine stack, you’re picking-up women BLIND.

You’ll never date model caliber women without material you can run from open to close. I’m talking about routines you trust. Not having a routine stack and trying to meet beautiful women is like a general going into battle without a plan. Any plan is better than no plan.

A routine stack is what makes you smooth. They’re the routines you’ve practiced so many times you know how a woman will respond to every piece. In your mind when she’s talking you’re already two steps ahead of her (planning how you’ll kiss her or get her back to your place).

You’ll just be spinning your wheels and going nowhere without a complete routine stack. You won’t even learn from your mistakes to fix them next time you meet a beautiful woman.


This is where you put it all together. You know how to convey value. You have your routine stack in place.  You’ve got everything primed to learn the right way and it’s time to turn on the juice!

Where you may not have seen great strides before or if you hit a plateau and you couldn’t move past it, you’ll now see the difference when you practice the right way.

Cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin found in his studies “that 10,000 hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert — in anything. In studies of composers, basketball players, writers, ice skaters, concert pianists, chess players, master criminals…this number comes up again and again.”

Once your plan is in place you can start on your hours. It may take 10,000 hrs. to become a master, but you’ll still be pretty good after 100 hrs. of proper practice. You’ll be real good if you put in 1,000 hrs. of proper training. With a proper practice plan you decide how much you want to achieve.

Now it’s up to you…

Will you put your proper routine stack in order? Will you learn the secrets to conveying high social value? Will you  practice pick-up artistry at least once per week?

It’s your time now to decide what level of GAME you want to reach. Let me tell you it feels good to be a pick-up artist.

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