The Science of a First Kiss

Attraction is Scientifically Based and Facilitated: A Multi-Part Series Exploring the Connections Between the Lab and the Real World

Understanding the science behind attracting women is great. In fact, it’s where you need to begin when it comes to meeting women. However, you want to meet more women because you’re looking for something more than just good conversation. It is a massive subject, with so much life-changing knowledge. Here is an small update on what we discovered so far about the science of seduction.

We meet lots of men who are able to start talking to women and even able to begin creating attraction. However, they stall out when it comes time to advance the interaction, and end up in the dreaded “friend zone.”

Becoming intimate can be hard even for men who are able to create attraction and sustain that interest to go out on a date with a woman. You’ve gotten this far — don’t you want to go further and have an exciting, consensual adventure that is fulfilling for both of you? And is there anything that works from a scientific point of view? What happens in a woman’s brain when she decides she wants to sleep with you?

Haphazardly winging it doesn’t work reliably. For some naturals it does, but most men fail because they don’t know what to do.

That’s what this experiment is about here: To test out routines that create the chemistry that allow you to take things to the next level so that you can talk to women, but also get her phone number, the first kiss or even return back to your place for the night.

It’s not about gimmicks. It’s about solid science confirmed not just through our own empirical studies, but also through academic, peer-reviewed studies. This is the science of seduction. It’s a huge subject, and one that 95% of men on the streets don’t even know exists, much less understand in a way that benefits their game. To help introduce you to it, we’re sharing five short abstracts of the huge body of scientific knowledge on this subject.

The Chemicals Behind Seduction
Researchers have found that there are four chemicals in the brain related to seduction: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen. What this means is that learning seduction is basically a function of understanding how to hack the system of brain chemicals.

Dopamine: A neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and heightened states of awareness.

Serotonin: A neurotransmitter derived from tryptophan also associated with pleasure and also relaxation.

Testosterone: A steroid hormone responsible for hair growth, sex drive and other manly virtues.

Estrogen: A steroid hormone that is the main one associated with femininity.

The fact that we know that chemicals are what underlies seduction means that this is a system that can now be hacked. But like baking a cake, having a list of recipe ingredients doesn’t ensure a tasty outcome. You’ve got to combine the right ingredients, in the right way, in the right proportions, at the right time to have the best effect. Stylelife Academy has all the tools you need to hack this system and start tasting success with seduction every time.

The Uncertainty Principle
A study revolving around Facebook profiles found some rather interesting data: First, women like guys who are interested in them. Not much of a surprise there. But they’re more interested when they’re not sure if the men are interested.

This underscores something we’ve been teaching for a long time here; the strategy of push and pull. It’s a topic we have devoted entire courses, classes, assignments, and lectures to. You want to draw her toward you, but also (playfully) push her away. This creates uncertainty between the two of you, which is one of the main drivers for sexual tension.

It’s not just on Facebook profiles where this works. In fact, this is the scientific fact that underpins much of what we teach when it comes to creating attraction. You want to pull her toward you, then playfully push her away so that she feels like she has to chase after you.

More than just uncertainty, push and pull elevates your status.

In addition to our proven library on this subject, we have been testing the latest push and pull techniques to see which ones work the best. If you know how to leverage this simple technique to get her interested, maintain her attraction and enable an amazing seduction, you’ll also have a great time while you’re doing it.

Touch: Your Secret Weapon
Many studies have shown that the sense of touch is one of the best ways to create intimacy between you and another person. The simple act of a handshake can do this, but it’s also why we teach men various techniques to start touching women they’re speaking to in entirely socially acceptable, consensual ways.

The art of touch is not easy, which why so many men are afraid to do it. Still, if you can master the art of using touch to your benefit, you’re going to seriously improve your game. There are simple, socially acceptable, non-creepy , consensual ways to touch another person (even a woman) — that creates the foundation of a friendly relationship that can become more than that later.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to touch. Do it the right way and you’re going to be successful with seduction every time. Do it the wrong way and you’re going to have her running to the hills.

Creating Emotional Intimacy
One reason that women choose some men over others is a sense of emotional intimacy: a connection. The good news is that it’s a lot easier to create this than you might think, if you have the entire strategy.

As a quick example, consider the palm reader: As an educated and intelligent man of the 21st Century, of course you don’t believe that palm readers or crystal gazers know anything about you. At the same time it can be hard to pooh-pooh the things they tell you when you’re sitting in their chair.

You can use the same skills palm readers, crystal gazers and carnival cold readers have used for centuries to begin creating emotional connections with the women you meet. It’s not a trick. In fact, it can be a very fun way to get to know someone, a way to get a woman to open up to you about herself.

Emotional intimacy is no accident. If you’re not creating it, you’re making mistakes.

Make That First Kiss Count
If the goal is to get a kiss, that’s great and you can make it happen. But you need to make it count. Knowing the scientific concepts, and how to put them into play, makes all the difference. Research indicates that a bad first kiss can make things go south from the word go. 60 percent of women say that a bad kiss can end a relationship even before it starts.

A good first kiss creates a rush of dopamine. This is the brain chemical that’s behind just about every addiction you can think of. So it’s not much of a stretch to say that if you kiss her right the first time, you can literally have a woman addicted to you. It’s a kind of touch, but the most important part.

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