Science of Attraction: Chemistry is Not an Accident

Attraction is Scientifically Based and Facilitated: A Multi-Part Series Exploring the Connections Between the Lab and the Real World

We coached a biochemist in one of our recent bootcamps, and what he told us blew our mind. Research shows a direct connection between what happens on a molecular level in a woman’s brain when she is becoming attracted to a guy and his actions. “Chemistry” between two people is not an accident that just happens. If you know how to present yourself, then that powerful combination of hormones rushes through her brain and she feels attraction. It’s simple science.

Proven in the lab, published in the journals, tested in the field. When we told Neil about these biological triggers, he sent us into the field to further experiment. Our goal was to discover which routines and methods work best and are grounded in actual science. And in this email, we’d like to share with you the real-world results on creating attraction based on the latest trends in the hard science, augmented with our own experiments.

Like any other sciences attraction can be “hacked” so that you can get optimum results every time you take the town, go on a date or even just send off a message to a woman on a dating website. Because now we don’t just know this because of how many guys our methods work for; We know it because it’s empirically confirmed in multiple peer-reviewed studies. So what is the science of attraction and, perhaps more important and relevant, how do you get it working for you? Here’s what we can tell you so far.

Attraction Is Universal… Sort Of
Two things are true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty standards change over time. What doesn’t change? Fertility signs are almost always seen as attractive, no matter where you go. The two most basic signs of fitness for reproduction are healthy hair (especially facial hair) and skin. Not only do they make women attracted to you, they also make women want to get physically closer to you when they see you out at a bar or club. And currently we are currently testing every of our routines to make you appear more attractive. This includes methods requiring a minimum of time and energy on your part — things that you can start leveraging to your benefit starting with the very next time you go out for the night.

Relax … and Attract
The idea that when you chill in a certain way and not be the center of attention actually increases your attractiveness, simply blew our minds. But there is scientific evidence and so we have started to test it out: It’s going to help you with being more attractive. The reason being, when you’re stressed you have lower cortisol levels, which allow your testosterone to shine through. Especially for very analytical men, it’s all about getting out of your head and living in the moment. That’s one of those things that’s easier said than done. We have been taking our inner game routines to the test with unexpected results. They allow you to focus on being relaxed when you head out, trying to put the voice inside your head that causes you anxiety to bed and living in the moment. What you’ll find when you do this is that, no matter how “successful” you are, you’ll still have a good night. What’s more, you’re going to start acclimating yourself to social anxiety, which is one of the best ways to relax — by exposing yourself to the thing you fear, the thing that causes you emotional stress and realizing that enduring it isn’t as bad as you think. This is basically conquering your approach anxiety, which is one of the most daunting things for a lot of men we encounter. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up: Keep on going until you’re able to relax in social settings. Learning how to relax will also make you appear more confident which is an important thing for a man to know, not just for getting women attracted to him. The method we tested for getting you relaxed before you head out for the night or even after you get home from work is one thing: dead simple.

The Sound of Your Voice is Music
Women like men who have deeper voices. But do you know why this is the case? Because a lower-pitched voice is associated with a larger body size — pretty important for most of human history. But fear not, men with higher-pitched voices; There are easy exercises you can do to deepen and amplify your voice. You can actually alter the depth of your voice significantly, though it takes practice every day. What’s more, some vocal coaches have argued that the depth here is less about pitch and more about resonance. What we have tested is different though: rather than artificially making your voice deep, you want your voice to take up space. Once you get this simple trick down, it’s a lot easier than trying to pretend your voice is deeper than it actually is. If you know it you can have a deeper, more resonant voice today that women will notice before you even start speaking directly to them — a voice that will get you noticed from across the room; A voice that will have women trying to meet you.

Here’s the thing we discovered: attraction can be scientifically explained and created. And if you understand how it exactly works, you use it in your everyday life without anyone ever noticing. So, if you have trouble creating attraction with women, attraction science can unleash a new power for you.

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