RELEASED: Style's 3 Pillars of Seduction

For the first time ever we’re releasing ingeniously simple routines that give you all you need to boost your game up from intermediate pick-up artist to advanced:

Style’s “Three Pillars of Seduction” click the link for all  the details-

This 4 disc DVD & CD pack gives you all you need to level your game up from intermediate pick-up artist to advanced.

If you find when you talk to women you’re just chatting with them and not attracting, or if you don’t know how to make the  move for that first kiss, or if you’re unable to bounce women back to your place the same night you meet them, it’s time for you to level up!

Style’s “Three Pillars of Seduction” pack guides you pass these challenges in your game by teaching you:

PILLAR 1: Disqualify to make her chase you.

PILLAR 2: Lead the interaction to the places you want her to go (isolate, new venue, then your place).

PILLAR 3: Kino her throughout it all to make her comfortable with your touch and crave more.

Click the link below if you’re absolutely ready to level up your game to advanced:

This package is freshly released today. We only printed a limited number of packages. When they’re gone…that’s it.

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