Spice Up Your Interactions with the Love Reading Routine

The term cold reading is defined by Wikipedia as, ‘a technique used to convince another person that the reader knows much more about a subject than he actually does.’ There are several methods that a social artist can implement to cold read a
woman in the field. The easiest method, and the one requiring the least amount of tools or props, is to simply approach her and to begin to make generalized statements that would apply to most people, such as ‘You seem cool now but you were kind of geeky in High School and I bet you still have some inner-geek in you.’

In this article, we are going to delve into something a bit more advanced – and far more effective. We are going to publicly unveil
this special Love Reading routine…including a field-tested script, complete with photos that clearly illustrate the exact lines on a hand that you need to know.

Coming from a background in street magic, I personally know that it is not always the bang of the illusion or the sleight of hand that sells a good magic trick but how you dress it up. This is why I prefer to do my cold reading in the context of palm reading. It wraps a cold reading inside an interesting and esoteric ritual. As an added bonus a good palm reading also allows you to begin kino escalating a woman you have just met within a safe context. Below is a sampling of my palm reading method so please learn and enjoy.

The ‘Love Reading’ Routine
You can perform a palm reading while in set as a demonstration of higher value (DHV) or you can use it later as a rapport building technique in isolation. It is, in fact, quite a versatile tool. If you would like to use the palm reading in set I recommend employing it on any female member of the set that is not your intended target. You are in the perfect position to palm read after shaking hands or thumb wrestling. Simply hang on to the woman’s hand, flip it over and look at it quizzically. You can also just tell the woman to put her hand out face up and then proceed to read it; this works best in the comfort phase. I then
run my routine as follows:

Gypsy: ‘My, you have an intriguing hand.’ I state this as I flip the woman’s hand over palm up and trace a few lines on her palm while looking at it deeply.

Woman: ‘Do you read palms?

Gypsy: ‘I’ve learned a little bit during my studies. There are two very interesting thing about your palm. The first is here.’

Point to her heart line, shown in the picture below:


Woman: ‘What?’

Gypsy: ‘This is your heart line and it is deep and well defined. Together with another area on your palm, the Girdle of Aphrodite, I can tell what type of lover you are. Here, this is your Girdle of Aphrodite and it’s very interesting.’

Point to the Girdle of Aphrodite area on the woman’s hand as shown in the picture below:


Woman: ‘What is so interesting about it?’

Gypsy: ‘Well, when I push on the area it is very firm which leads me to believe that you are a strong and giving lover.’

Woman: ‘Well, I try to be a good lover, I like pleasing people.’

Gypsy: ‘Yes and, the only problem I see in your palm with your love life is that your heart linestarts under your middle finger. This means that sometimes in love you give too much and people take advantage of you.’

Woman: ‘Wow, that is so true! My last two relationships were like that!’

Gypsy: ‘Yes, and it isn’t a bad thing that you are a giver. I am a giver too, but you have to give to the right person.’

I have successfully used this banter over and over again in palm reading. I will modify it slightly depending on the attitude of the woman whose palm I am reading. If I calibrate that she is very outgoing and sexual I may play up the sexual comments. I will state that she has a firm Girdle of Aphrodite and this means that she is an excellent physical lover but sometimes she is not
in touch with her emotional side. An important aspect in palm reading and all other types of fortune telling and cold reading is reaffirming positive responses. Whenever someone agrees with you either verbally or non-verbally, by nodding their head, then follow up your statement with another that begins with ‘Yes, and…’ Then make another statement related to the first that they
can further agree with.

If you are interested in learning more about this concept and others about cold reading then seek out
Kenton Knepper’s manual ‘Completely Cold’. This ‘how-to’ guide to quick cold reading was mentioned in The Game. It can be found for purchase on the internet with a quick Google search.

Cold Reading Benefits
Remember, whenever you’re meeting new people, you want them to be having an enjoyable experience. Most women absolutely love cold readings, and this is a simple way to brighten your interaction. A woman is looking for a man who understands who she is and how she works. By giving her a spot-on cold read, she will see your potential at being that man.

Enjoy using this technique!

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