Change Up the Conversation with The Switch Technique

Beautiful women are subjected to the same conversations over and over again. An unimaginative discussion follows well-worn paths of social convention. Most of those pathways are based on agreeing with whatever the woman says. Here’s an example of a traditional interaction.

Her: I love rock music.

Him: I do to! Aren’t the Eagles of Death Metal great?

In this passage, she provided a concept and he fol- lowed it. In the process, he tried to show that he was just like her and that they shared common interests. And this is exactly what every other guy that has ever spoken to her has done.

If you want to be an exception, you can employ my Topic Switch Technique.

This routine positions you to always have something better to say by taking the conversation in slightly different routes. You’re not throwing out absurd non sequiturs as though you’re not paying attention to what she says. Instead, you’re focusing on either the start or the end of the sentence to bend the discussion, slightly, into a different tact.

The technique is simple. You can change the sentence in two ways by changing the subject or the object. Let’s use the sentence “I love rock music,” as an example.

The first way to make your response interesting is to take the “I” which is the subject of the sen- tence and make it about someone else. For example one response might be, “Sure, but what do your parents think? Do they believe it’s the devil’s music?”
The second way is to take the direct object of the sentence and change it. The direct object, in this case is “rock music” and we’re going to switch it from music to movies. For example, “Really, so then are you into action movies? The two kind of go hand in hand.”

You’re still discussing her taste in art, but in a different way. And while you’re not going so far as to employ a disqualifier, you’re not blindly agreeing with her either. These subtle differences show that you’re not like every other guy at the bar. By breaking her normal conversational patterns, you change her intellectual plane. Which makes her likely to respond with comments such as,“Wow,you really listen to me” or “You really understand me.”

The Topic Switch Technique can be applied to any statement of opinion she utters:

• I like sushi.
• I don’t like chocolate ice cream.
• I always wanted to go to Disney.

Just remember to focus on either the subject of the sentence or the direct object and employ a slight twist.

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