The Seductive Checklist

There are a number of actions you can do to become more seductive. These tips are based on a lesson plan called “Non-Interactive Attraction Game” that The Sneak developed for our bootcamps (such as the events coming up in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others. These things make you more attractive and they happen before you even interact with a woman, hence “non-interactive.”

1. Finding Your Style: Some coaches like to believe that looks don’t matter, the truth is – looks do matter, but they’re not everything. One thing anyone can have is style or look. Fashion is an extension of your identity. It doesn’t matter if you care about it or not. What you wear says something about you, so it’s best to have it say something productive. Something like: badboy, professional, artist, adventurer, or post-apocalyptic super-villian. The point is your style should say, I am the exception. Our suggestion for guys looking for a style is to start by wearing clothes that fit. Try going to a department store and having someone help you out. Tell them you’re looking for jeans or a button-up that fits perfectly.

2. Staying Healthy: One thing that most scientists who study attraction in humans and primates agree on is that health is attractive. Are you as healthy as you could be? Most of us are not. Think to yourself about what actions you could take to improve your overall health. See if you can add one new health habit into your life as soon as possible. Don’t get caught up in the madness of what diet or workout to do. Just start something and stick to it. Anything is better than nothing.

3. Making Friends: Having a group of interesting friends can be extremely helpful for your seductions. It’s because of a psychological phenomenon called social proof: where the actions of the majority tend to reflect the correct behavior for an individual. You’ve seen the television shows with canned laughter, right? The purpose of the the canned laughter is to suggest that a large group of people think a moment was funny, which causes viewers to, more likely, think it was funny as well. For our purposes, if someone sees a large group of people having a good time with you, they’ll assume you’re an interesting person. If people see you with a large group of women all having a good time with you, they’ll assume that you’re an attractive person to women. In turn, they become more attractive to you. That said, next time you go out, try to befriend more than just women – there are no people who are obstacles, only potential assets.

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