3 Tips for Busting Sticking Points

Sticking points are places in your game where you’re having trouble. It might be the opener, going for the kiss, or getting a date to stick instead of flake. Whatever yours is, you can bust it. These tips will guide your way:

1. Recognize that most of the time the answer is just more practice. A lot of guys only try out a technique three or four times before giving up on it. Students of this game should recognize that this is a skill and it takes practice. Most techniques and scripted lines will feel unnatural at first, but practice it long enough and eventually it will feel natural.

2. Use the forums for feedback. Those of you in our infield program or who are part of the self paced program will have access to the Stylelife Elite Forum, where The Sneak and I coach. Get on there and write field reports, they will help you digest what happened on a night out, and your coaches solve problems you’re having during your education. If you’re not on the elite forum, use the public forum, there are plenty of great students just waiting to dish out advice.

3. Focus your practice. Set aside specific time to practice this skill-set. Make an effort to practice at least one night a week for three hours – in that time do 4 – 10 approaches. If you do more than 10 ask yourself why your sets are running so short, if you’re filled with approach anxiety, push yourself to do four approaches at minimum. On top of this, try practicing something specific. Use one opener all night. Make a point to use a specific routine, or to try and bounce one set. The point is to focus and set goals you can meet, that escalate as you get better and better.

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